2013 Trek Domane 6 Team Edition

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by dwvaughn

This is my first WW post. :roll: I ordered a 58 cm 2013 Domane with Dura Ace DI2 components in November to replace my 26 year old Klein. The Trek is schedule to arrive at my LBS on 8 February. My LBS thought the weight should be around 15 lbs; Trek would not reveal frame or complete bike weights. I've tried to estimate below but it totals 6.36 kg or 14.0 lbs with pedals, cycle computer, and bottle cages so I assume I have some wrong weights or missed some parts. Is it obvious what I have missed? I will post photos including scale reading once it arrives. David.

Frame = 58cm Trek White/Chi Red/Onyx Carbon 1150gm (Guess. 1050 for 56cm frame-Cyclingnews.com)
Components = Dura Ace 9070 DI2 172.5 crank 2179gm (with chain/cables/housing-fairwheelbikes.com)
Cables = Dura Ace brake cables and housing 0gm (171 Per Weight Weenies but counted above)
Chain = 11-speed Dura Ace 243 per realcyclists.com
Bottom Bracket BB Ceramic BB90 73
Pedals Shimano Dura-Ace PD-9000 Road (6 deg float) 319 Bike Rumors (248+71 for hardware)
Headset Cane Creek IS8 carbon 89 Product website
Stem Race XXX Lite-Carbon Clearcoat 60-140mm (80) 110 Product website
Handlebar Race XXX Lite VR-C 420mm 189 Product website
Bar Tape Bontrager Gel Grip 100 Estimated weight
Saddle Affinity RXL Carbon 138mm white or black 157 Product website
Wheelset Aeolus 3 D3 Clincher 650+790g 1440 Product website
Skewers x2 122 Bike Rumors for DA skewers (in wheelset wt?)
Tires Bontrager R3 Black 190 Product website
Sensors DuoTrap cadence meter 110 Estimated weight
Bottle Cage Bontrager XXX Bottle Cage 17g x2 34 Product website
Computer Garmin Edge 800 98 Garmin website

by Weenie

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by dwvaughn

Whoops. I somehow hit send before finishing the listing of components but you should bet the idea (brake cables and housing and chain should be included in the weight of the DA 9070 component set. David.

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by MisterNoChain

dwvaughn wrote:Is it obvious what I have missed?

A fork is handy to keep things together :wink:

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by dwvaughn

Thanks! Missed the inner tubes but had assumed the fork was part of frame; guess not.

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by TrekUk

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by zakstory

TrekUk wrote:Pictures?

He says it aint coming till feb -_-

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by dwvaughn

Correct. The bike is slated to be completed in Waterloo on 5 Feb and delivered to the LBS around 8 Feb. I will take pictures then. I added weight for the Bontrager seat mast cap (130gm) and two Bontrager 700x23c-25c inner tubes (2 x 80gm) and I am now up to 6.65 kg or 14.6 lbs; most certainly lighter than actual. I have not added weight for a fork. Is it right that 1050 gm for a 56cm frame or my guess of 1150 for a 58cm frame does not include the fork? If so, any estimates on fork weight?

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by spartan

what a coincidence :shock: i have a project one madone 6.5 9070 di2 ETA Feb 8.

hoping it ship with internal di2 battery. like this one

http://www.bikerumor.com/2013/01/10/clo ... tery-more/
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by Thrillho

That frame weight definitely does not include the fork. Think about it, a pretty light all carbon fork like an envy 2.0 is about 350 grams. If the 1050 gram frame included a 350 gram fork, then the frame alone would be about 700 grams. That would put it in the same company as, say, a cervelo r5ca. So you need to add another 350 grams or so. Also remember that the whole is more than the sum of the parts. Why? Grease.
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by wolfesquire

Thrillho wrote: Grease.

Grease and weight demons. Demons weigh at least an extra pound.

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by dwvaughn

O.K. With fork now up to 7.0 kg or 15.4 lbs + grease. 6.5 kg or 14.4 lbs without pedals, bottle cages, or computer. Should find out in 3 more weeks. Thanks.

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by dwvaughn

I learned two interesting things from my LBS today about the Trek Domane with DA DI2. The battery will be in the seat tube. This is routine for frames 58 cm and larger. For frames 56 cm and smaller, the battery goes under the bottom bracket. This is because the smaller frame seat tubes are thinner which saves weight but is then too narrow for the battery. I was also told that you can plug in two sets of shift buttons into the brake hood connections (e.g., sprint shifters or "cobble" shifters). I had not heard before today that both connections could work at the same time. You may need the 5-hub central port for TT shifters (not sure how often people will use aero bars on a Domane). Delivery still expected on 8 February.

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by dwvaughn

I received the bike yesterday and took it for a spin today. Nice ride, but I will focus on weights and photos. This is my first time posting photos. I forgot to weigh the bike without pedals (Shimano 9000). The weight with pedals was 15.45 lbs (7023 gms). Assuming 319 gm for the pedals, the bike weight without pedals would be 14.75 lbs (6704 gm) which is close to the pre-delivery estimate of 14.4 lbs (6549 gm) based on web research and the input above (see Excel as JPEG). Adding two water bottle cages, DuoTrap sensors, and Garmin 800 computer brings the weight to 15.75 lbs (7159 gm). Adding my saddle bag with pump, levers, mini-tool, $20, and ID brings the total riding weight without water bottles to 16.35 lbs (7432 gm).
Domane 6 Series Weights.jpg

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Great bike! IMO the hidden gem of the bike world. Super smooth and a great climber. If I ever find one with H1 geometry :D

by Weenie

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by NWSAlpine

Build spec looks great. A little different aesthetically which doesn't matter as fit trumps look. Talking about the long wheelbase and rake plus the super short stem and tall spacer stack.

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