Voss Quantum Prototype Titanium Frame

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by tawide

Willier: I got mine of a Danish webside similar to ebay. Unfortunately, I do not know where you can buy them.

El Rey:
I need a electronic scale bad, unfortunately i don't know the weight of the wheels, but there not that light.

I think the gap is because the shim is too big for the stem, i need to cut some off.

I see what you mean, but i really like the 3T stem.

but i can't take the credit for the tape job, one of my friends did it for me, I can't remember how he did, the only thing i remember is that he diden't cut it. (I will film it next time)

and many thanks to you all :wink:

by Weenie

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by Elrey

If you need any help, let me know.

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by nspace

Looks outstanding! I really wish my Ti bike had classic (non compact) geometry like this.

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by tawide

Thanks nspace.

I will let you know if i need help elrey :)

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