Sore testicles after every ride?

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by speedyvelo

Try to eliminate all the mechanical problems that can cause that 2nd degree burn you are referring to.

1. short must be tight, so the testicles stay only in one position and that is on front of the pubis and all up.

2. if you do not use bibs get a pair of suspenders and be sure they are tight on your shoulders. If they do the trick buy a good bibs like the santini carbon.

3. saddle should be flat, and the ischion bones should be where the wide part of the saddle is. If you have a tendency to slide forward it means the setback is too much, so move the saddle forward or buy a seatpost with 0 setback.

4. Do not use any cream. Creams where made for the all leather chamois to make it soft. They also help if the problem is on your butt to decrease friction but that is not the case with your testicles.

5. If you do not have a problem except when you ride this is not a mycosis and most likely not an allergic reaction.

6. If you have a lot of pubic hair, trim it a little bit, but this should not be a major problem if the short is tight.

7. Do not blame too much sex on cycling :-)

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by swinter

Aquaphor is good stuff. There's also something called Udder Balm that is super high quality.
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by metal

critracer26 wrote:i went out to central park for a few laps this morning and noticed that my tights are way too loose. when i get out of the saddle to pedal i can feel the chamois moving around loosely. These are castelli thermal tights in small that have been worn less than 4 times and have only been hand washed. i'm beginning to think this is a lot of the problem as the chamois is moving too much and causing friction all over.

The chamois should not move around at all, and the knicks should be tight over all muscles. You should be able to pull up your bits, and have them hold in place so your not riding on them. I think you should try out a smaller pair of knicks.


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by mec287

You could try Sudacrem. Put plenty on and it works a treat. Got me through 17hrs in the saddle on a London 2 Paris in 24hrs.
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by critracer26

i just got a pair of XS sportful bibs in the mail and they are nice and tight. going to give them a test on the rollers soon as it's super cold in NYC. I also received four pairs of all in size small because thats the smallest i can find in the US.

these are all size small:
Santini Smarter Bib shorts - nice simple chamois but they are loose right out of the package
Gore Bike Wear Xenon 2.0 Bib Shorts - nice shorts but the chamois is strange
DeMarchi Pro Bib Shorts - nice bbs but the small is too big
DeMarchi Contour Plus Winter Bib Shorts - chamois has a perineum "slot" through the bib that looks like a torture device.

unfortunately the ones that fit the best fit have over padded chamois in them so i think they are all going to be returned. is great because they have a one year no questions return policy on stuff so if i want to wear them they will take them back. their stock isn't great as it's more of a closeout shop but they have plenty of current stuff.

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by fogflip

Are you in the drops the whole time for a while i had a chaffing ball problem when i was in the drops on my toupe for any amount of time over an hour. Switched to an aliante everything's a-ok now. Also assos chamois cream is the bees knees...

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by critracer26

i used to ride 90% of the time in the drops and then this started and was really bad a couple years back. i got a bike fit which was a complete f-up and that made it worse. i am sort of starting over now with full time training. i thought the problem was something more sever so i started seeing doctors. i was getting a soreness/numbess in the groin that turned out to be sore muscles and irritation from loose bibs. i used to wear a medium and was washing and drying the lycra often which was stretching it out too much.

i saw my general doc which had no clue what i was taking about
2 urologists
2 neurologists - one of which poked me with electricity shots all over the body
2 physical therapists

all of these docs told me i was fine and there was nothing wrong with me. i think it all started when the fitter measured my left leg as being one cm shorter and shimmed it. it was all downhill after that.

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