Is carbon flammable? Only one way to find out...

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by nicrump

the carbon composites we are talking about are a composite of PAN based carbon fiber in a matrix of epoxy. the epoxy will burn and at what temp is dependent on the actual epoxy but generally starting around 200c

the PAN carbon is already burnt. It is "carbonized" polyacrylonitrile fiber. carbonized at nearly 2200c.

OSHA classifies the dust of cured carbon epoxy composites as an "irritant" and is not toxic. however one should avoid inhaling fine dust of any kind.

uncured epoxy on the other hand is very toxic as are the fumes of uncured or curing epoxy. never clean uncured epoxy off of your skin with a solvent.

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by Berk

I would rather avoid any experiments like that, unless you want to see the layup, but I guess you don't have to.

The same for cutting and sanding without any protection.

Like @nicrump and @artray said, it's toxic..

Unfortunately, I did know people who worked in the carbon industry, and get lung cancer.. So really rather don't be naive, and if you're already working with it make sure that you're properly protected!

I visited a few carbon companies and in some cases I was really shocked to see how even some "professionals" deal with it,...rooms full of carbon dust etc., makes you sad to see those conditions.

Some workshops are clean like a dental clinic, and that's the way how it should be if you don't want to harm your health, and of course you still need the right equipment (for example a proper mask, not only a "dental mask", like I see in too many cases..)
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by elviento

Appreciate the health concerns, guys. Yes we have masks ready and will do it at the top of a mountain (obviously well ventilated) plus this is a small experiment as part of a BBQ event so don't get too worked up. The sausages will be the main focus. That said, BBQ has also been quoted as a cause for cancer. See the following Harvard article ... m-bbq-meat

I suspect good old common sense would go a long way in this situation, be it the frame or the meat.

We are not burning the full frame for hours like in Copperband's pics , just a part of it to get a sense of how this stuff would react to high temperatures. We are working with some researchers on rim brake track design so this sort of experiments COULD be helpful. We'll see.
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by spandexboy817

Looks like the Chris King headset from the ti bike in the hosue fire is still good! I wonder.... :D

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by stephen@fibre-lyte

elviento wrote:We are working with some researchers on rim brake track design so this sort of experiments COULD be helpful. We'll see. going to the top of a mountain and burning it on a barbeque.....? Why....?

In all seriousness I still ask 'Why?'. Best case scenario, the frame smoulders a bit and you smell some burning epoxy which is not nice, worst case scenario, the whole frame burns, there are clouds of epoxy fumes and everyone is coughing and spluttering. If you genuinely want to find out what happens for research, take it somewhere were they have a fume cupboard, such as a university or lab. If you'd ever seen epoxy smoking you'd know to avoid it :wink:

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by artray

Are you going to draw a pentagram and dance naked round the frame and sing ABBA songs backwards before sacrificing a small squirral to find out the stress level of the headtube :lol:

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by mjduct

I think zipp has shown their brake tacks on a thermal camera at 500+ degrees.

This reminds me of my early 20's, hey hold my beer while I chunk this acetylene torch in that bonfire...

(wait 20 seconds)

Sheeeeut nothings happened yet, somebody get me a pistol!

:o :o fortunately we all lived to tell the story...

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by Maximilian

Hmmm, I don't like the look of that smoke...


More images here:

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