Fizik Kurve Chameleon

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by alui

Not a ton of reviews out there. Anyone have any experience? Do the kurve saddles distribute saddle pressure that much better compared to the standard or versus version saddles? I can no longer ride specialized saddles as they are causing numbness. Are these any good for tri bikes?

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by DividedVolta

I've been on the Antares and Aliante Versus (briefly, mind) and feel that the relieve channel is partially defeated by how squishy the padding is. At times, it feels as if you are close to bottoming out in the channel; although if you are having issues this is still better than having no channel at all.

The overall construction seemed quite good, in my opinion, and the finish is quite stylish. Most Fizik dealers also have a very solid demo program so I'd recommend you try them out. I may give the Antares another go around here soon.

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by mattyb95

I ride an Antares and tried the Curve version and can't really say I found it much different, certainly not a really noticeable improvement to warrant spending the money. From what I remember, the benefit in the curve is from the rails and how it supports the saddle and absorbs the road buzz. If it's that which causes problems on a ride then it may be great for you but if it's the shape of the Fizik saddles in the first place then perhaps it's not right. Have a look around, you may be able to find test models somewhere or ask nicely at your LBS and they may let you borrow a display model.

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