Yishun 2013 SL series

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by boombaux

I searched and couldn't find anything pertaining to their 2013 lineup

Has anyone been on a 2013 SL wheelset by Yishun? Claimed 1080g +-30 for 24mm, and for their 88's, 1467 +-30, which rivals even a lot of high end manufacturers. Weight limit on the 24's is 85kg, and 113kg for all others. Assuming these don't bend like noodles, these would be a steal for $500-$600. I'd rather wait for feedback before buying, but I'll probably spring for these in a month or so

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by theremery

They've been doing wheels for quite a while now.....
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by Weenie

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by Vallron

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by boombaux

that thread on RBR is from 2010, and that review talks about electronics/phones which yishun doesn't sell. considering Yishun is partnered with velobuild, i think they have their act together

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by HillRPete

I can't say anything bad about my (non-SL) 44mm Yishun tubulars. Neither regarding handling of the purchase, nor functionality.

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by weeracerweenie

my alloys from yishun are indestructable. i straightened them with a vice after a pothole incedint, and still prefer them over my ACs...

Plus min ehas a loud free hub ratchet :D
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by petepeterson

I have had 3 sets of Yishun Wheels in tub and clincher in both 38 & 50mm. I am a big guy and all have held up great.

All of them have been fantastic wheels and a great value.

I am selling a set of 38mm tubulars (because I am only riding the clinchers these days) if anyone in interested.

by Weenie

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