New more exciting training wheels (clincher)?

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by tri

For the first time I've been given the opportunity to ride some real mountains and this is where by "problems" start. Spending a week from home with limit access to tools and equipment I don't really feel at ease with only riding tubular wheels. Because of this I'm thinking of buying a pair of fancier and somewhat more exiting training wheels to use than my current Fulcrum 7:s.

I'm rather heavy at 190lbs and ain't looking for crazy light. My options is leaning towards Chris King r45 built with HED ardennes 23mm rims (20/24h). But looking at HEDs own site they specify these wheels (althought with their own hubs) at exactly 190lbs. Is this is a bad combo? Should I look else where? I should point out that I can't build my own wheels so the have have to come "ready to ride" (I live in Europe so US based builders and such is not an option).

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by HillRPete

I would recommend talking to a wheelbuilder first, and then maybe come back here and get opinions for the build that you have been recommended. 20/24 is not a whole lot, considering you are talking about alu rims, with your weight. There are many excellent wheelbuilders on this side of the ocean, if you share your country (for keeping postage fees low) I'm sure you'll get suggestions.

by Weenie

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Zen Cyclery
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by Zen Cyclery

The HED rim is a good option, but I know it can be hard to track down in its clincher form. If you can't find the HED, maybe take a look at the XC279 from Kinlin. It is half the price of the HED with similar quality and a stiff flex pattern. Those laced to R45s could be a solid build. You could further reduce costs though and go with the T11s from White Industries. They are a tad heavier than the Kings, but they have similar durability and they build up quite easily. That setup in a 20/28 or 24/28 count could be a good option for a rider of your weight.

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by tri

Had the wheelbuilder chat,

Chris King R45 hubs, H Plus Son rims 28/32H ~1500gr.

My own thoughts
Hubs nothing to say, considered to be a good choice?
Rim selection, Seems fine, I'd like to try a 23mm anyone who have had any experience with this rim?
No. of spokes 28 and 32, at 90kg/~200lbs any reason to "push" it an go lower?

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by nathanong87

tri wrote:No. of spokes 28 and 32, at 90kg/~200lbs any reason to "push" it an go lower?

not for wheels that u are labeling as 'training' and would probably get decent mileage...

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by c50jim

I don't have experience with that particular rim but did quite a few miles last year on Velocity A23 rims, Velocity's entry in the wider rim market - with Campy Record hubs (32/32) and White Industries (24/28). My LBS just built me another set of Record/A23s and their weight is just over 1,700 grams, the Whites are just over 1,600 grams. The claimed weight of Racing 7s is 1,849, although I think our Racing 7s were over 1,900 grams. I weigh 185 and have no trouble with the wider rims and either hub set at about 90 pounds. More supple ride than Aeroheads at 100 pounds, my old standard. I've also ridden a lot of miles on Racing 7s, which are great wheels for the price but prefer the lighter wheels and wider rims.

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by seve88

Having built and ridden wheels with both H Plus Arch and Velocity A23 I can say there is little difference. My preference is the A23 as it just seems a touch more comfy but that will be subjective. I will for certain stay with 23mm wide rims either way.

Whilst weighing 190lbs I had no problems with 28/32 combination with standard double butted spokes and brass nipples. I used the cheap but very light hubs from bicyclehubstore. Value for money wise these are excellent though I would advise opening the rear up and adding a bit of greae before use.

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by jspaceman

I believe HED makes a 'stallion build' version of the Ardennes for heavier riders. At least that's what mine are. Not sure if they still make them though.

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by luckysix

I ride Cosmic Carbone SLs (with the exalith) for training (and looks :lol: ). Not exactly the exemplar of a "training wheel," but they're pretty strong and fun to ride. Try riding a pair to see how they work for you.


by Weenie

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by NealH

I ride the Dura Ace C24 wheels, and mostly mountains. Not the lightest at about 1375 grams but they don't have a weight limit and they never fail. I weigh 185.

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