BB30 Loctite, cure before or after crank install?

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by mvz2

So, going to do one more round of lubing and checking bolts before I try the Loctite approach to fixing a creak I can't seem to get rid of, on a cadd10. Thought it may have been the skewers, so lubed and tightened those. Lubed the pedals again. Cleaned and lubed the seatpost (thomson masterpiece) after the last time out as I hear those can occasionally creak. Last time the creak happened out of the saddle too, so unlikely, but still possible from what I gather.

Question on Loctite-ing the bb bearings though. I've read in most places that one should let them cure 24 hours before installing the crankset. My little brain tells me that it would be more logical to install the crank and then let it cure for a day, as that would ensure the bearings aligned as they should be in their final resting place, so to speak. Is that plain wrong?

ps. This has been the most pain-in-neck to diagnose creak I've come across. Usually won't happen until a real hard effort, 30-40 miles into a ride. Then it happens under strong or moderate force, left crank downstroke. Then it will often disappear before I make it home, and then I can't recreate it unless I do another longer ride. It's like the damn thing has to get warmed up, and then disappears as it cools down.

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by Brandonnie

Press in when locktite is still wet then let it cure when it is inside the bb shell.

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by aaric

My most recent creak like that was a very slightly loose screw on a cleat. Previous to that was a skewer.

Cure after install IMO.

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by thisisatest

Especially in this case, I would cure after installation. This is a metal frame, not requiring primer, so it won't set super-fast. So you will have time to install before it starts hardening...
What cranks? If it has a separate spider, check that, and of course chainring bolts.

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by mvz2

Thanks for the input. I'm going to do a once over of on every last bolt before getting on the road again for a longer ride.

Crank is is SRAM Force.

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by em3

cure with BB press installed

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by drmutley

em3 wrote:cure with BB press installed


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by mvz2

em3 wrote:cure with BB press installed

Ahh...didn't think of that, but seems like it would work well.

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