Blue AC1 SL LE

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by Sneakbox22

Couldn't find many threads dedicated to Blue, so I decided to start my own that all Blue owners could post to!

I jumped on Cyclesports amazing deal on this frameset! It's a Blue AC1 SL LE (limited edition #101). I will be posting progress on this as I build and as funds allow! Here are a couple pictures out of the box...other AC1 SL owners post up your bikes and experience with them!!!

I just ordered Zipp Vuka Sprint handlebars, that's going along with a Zipp SCSL beyond black stem. Boyd carbon tubulars (50mm) are coming as well!

Here is a few pic's of the frame/fork


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by Rumsas

Nice frame, that badge is cool

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by mellowJohnny

And it weighs? Decieded on a groupo yet?

Nice looking frame - WWs won't like that bage tho!

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by Frankie13

Nice looking frame and the badge defiantly ads unwanted weight!
Looking forward to the finished build.

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by stef32

looking forward to see it built

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Certainly needs some weights!

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by Sneakbox22

Zipp Vuka Sprint bars came scale is down at the moment but will add weights before all built! Zipp beyond black Service course SL 90mm stem as well




Running out of funds quick so will probably go with SRAM force gruppo. My goal is for this to be the perfect breakaway rig! Thanks and will continue to update...

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by NiFTY

Get a Yaw FD if going SRAM.

I would recommend not compromising your build due to funds. Just take a bit longer and build what you really want.
You presumably already have a bike to ride.

Build looks great by the way, those bars make absolute sense for aero-road bike builds. My mate has a set on his venge boonen edition, which incidentally, also has a limited edition metal plaque on the top tube.
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by durh221982

Hey! I actually took advantage of the same-ish deal with cyclesport. I was able to get one of the last AC1 SL's toward the end of December.

Below is what I have assembled thus far:


The AM Classic 58 Carbon Tubulars were used (e bay).

The Stem, Handlebars and Water Bottle cage are by Aerus Composites (all new- e bay).

Saddle is ISM Adamo Road Gel (new- e bay).

Pedals, not shown are Shimano PD-6700-C (new- e bay).

I am going Sram Red with the components. I have puchased the following so far:

a. Sram Red- Black Edition Cranket 175- 53/39 and a Sram GXP Cermamic BB on the way (new- e bay).

b. Sram Red OG-1090 Cassette, Sram Red FD Braze On and Sram PC-1091 chain on the way (new- Colorado cyclst- clearance).

I mainly do tri's, hence the Blue on the trainer in the background, but needed a nice bike (on a budget) to ride with groups, when I did not want to ride solo.

My money is spend for the next two months so I will keep you posted with updates.

Good luck.

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by idisc0

is this deal dead?? i can't even get to :(

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by availpunk9

Meh... I own 4 Blue bikes. My Axino's BB de-laminated from the carbon, approved for warranty replacement. Too bad that was, 5 months back... The company was sold and currently has no direct replacement or any bikes for that matter. They tried to give me that limited AC1, but it's electronic only...

Currently riding a Swift carbon bike. The old CEO of Blue felt bad and ended up giving me a bike...

Good bikes, just a small company. I think I'll stay away from smaller companies for future builds.

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by mdeth1313

idisc0 wrote:is this deal dead?? i can't even get to :(

They sold out their cycling stuff, I think now they're I did get some killer deals on what they were closing out, but that was months ago.
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