Stage one power meter release date

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by sutrisno42

I have plans on buying stage one power meter and i heard that they will start shipping on Jan 1 but it is still on pre-order on their website currently. Any thoughts on that? and do you know if they will be selling DA 9000 crank with 52/36? It's only available in 50/34 and 53/39 as of now

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by HammerTime2 wrote:The StageONE power meter will be on display for the first time at Interbike at booth 23151 in the show’s main hall on Wednesday, 19 September. StageONE will be available for retail sale January 2013.
Notice that it says January 2013, and doesn't mention a date of January 1.

A company rep just told me over the phone that there will be a press review release ca. Jan 15-20, with retail shipping (the first pre-orders) shipping shortly thereafter, still within January. New orders might not be filled until February.

Will this come to pass? If you believe the rep, the only thing which would hold it up is if some problem is found in the press reviews or teams which have (already) been testing them.

Call the company (telephone numbers are on their website) and ask them/suggest about the 52-36 if you want.

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by djconnel

Watch out: changes in pedaling asymmetry will go straight to power errors.

reference on pedal asymmetry

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by Geoff

Interesting. I am not sure if it is an accelerometer or a strain gauge. The site says both, but it looks to be a strain gauge.

One of the issues with accuracy that Uli had with SRM was that the crankarms available from third-party manufacturers were not as consistent as the ones that he originally produced for the SRM Professional. Accordingly, he needed more strain gauges on third-party crank versions of the SRM in order to effect the same degree of accuracy (there are exceptions, like the Hollowgram-version). It will be interesting to see how this stacks-up.

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by Tinea Pedis

OP, I wouldn't bank a whole lot on the company putting much time in to a semi-compact design for their first release.

Does not really make a whole lot of sense. The adage of 'keep it simple' is likely to apply for their launch.

But if they have even half a business mind of course they'll tell you "it's coming" so you keep holding on for it :wink:

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by Geoff

It wasn't me that said it...

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by Buffalo

Any ideas why the hollowgram version still has no price?

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