Does titling bars down affect your wrist position?

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by KingWeenie

when sprinting, my radius hits and bumps my bars causing bruising, and is especially painful during repetitive sprint intervals. my bars a currently so that the drop are basically parallel with the ground. during my sprints I am shifting through multiple gears. so my hands have to be close to the curved part of the bar. the shifters are adjusted for the smallest reach possible

if i tilt them further down will that alleviate the issue? would rather ask first so i dont have to re-warp my bars multiple times

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by tommasini

Yes - start by adjusting them so the drop "flat" portion points downward something around 10 a starting point.

But why would you be concerned about rewrapping the bars??????

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by KingWeenie

appreciate it, because i would have been moving them the wrong way and have to re wrap a few times. just a pain in the ass :thumbup:

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by justkeepedaling

Yes, rotating the bars will change wrist position. I am curious though, although I am by no means a sprint specialist. How many gears are you shifting through? For me, I shift maybe once and then power through. What is the width of your bars? If they are super narrow, that could be compounding the issue (although I never hit wrists on even my 40 cm bars)

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by thisisatest

Another thing to do is get your head and body lower. If your body is lower, your hands approach the shifters from behind instead of from above. Can't get low enough? Then (gasp!) raise your bars.

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by KingWeenie

cool. actually i think i may be using bad form. its during standing starts mainly and im leaning over the front hub. im pretty low but could probably sit back more

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by elviento

I have a feeling your top tube + stem might be too short. It's not about getting low but more about getting stretched out a bit more. Try getting a stem with 2CM more length and see if you still bump the wrist. Frame could be too short as well.
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by Calnago

I would be inclined to be thinking along the same lines as @Elventio that maybe the whole setup is too short, and possibly your bars are too wide as well. You shouldn't have to "sit back" further to accommodate a too small frame or setup. The frame should accomodate you and not the other way around.
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by CharlesM

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