Aerolite pedal barrel bearing issue?

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by lo5707

I have done a search but cant find the answer to this question or a better thread to put it in......

Aerolite pedals......Is the black (or red) plastic barrel bearing meant to rotate fairly easily around the pedal spindle or does the rotation movement come from the the barrel rotating (with the pedal) inside the cleat housing?

Hope this makes sense.

The reason i ask is that i have just got a set of second hand aerolites and the black barrel only rotates on the spindle with a MASSIVE amount of force if any movement at all when i try and do it with my hands........This didn't seem right to me????

Just need to know before i attempt to strip these down to see what is going wrong


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by serbelo

Aerolite pedals come in 4 pieces.The spindle the delrin(Black or red)barrel the bolt stopper and the cleats.The Delrin plastic should be easy to rotate.If not just remove the bolt stopper and clean the inside of the Delrin barrel.
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by lo5707

Issue sorted now thanks. Previous owner had done the pedal bolts (bolt stoppers) up so tightly it had siezed the Delrin barrels. Thanks for the response. Stripped and cleaned out.

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by GripShifter

I had the black TT version with the drilled out sleeve which rotated easily by hand with minimal effort. I would be concerned if a " massive " amount of force were needed to rotate the sleeve.

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