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by phatphuk


i've mocked up a custom paint and decal design for a build i'm planning (see below). and i'm very keen on getting you folks' opinions, on the look. please?

i've ordered a carbon open mould-type deal from a chinese supplier. the frame is reminiscent of the cervelo S5. i love the shape! its so "me"! i'm planning on having the same white, blue and red colors of cervelo's entry-level 2012 S5. only, those colors take on different shapes in my version :wink:

i've read some of you guys' critiques of other folks' visual design efforts. most of you were refreshingly honest and candid. and i wouldn't have it any other way, myself. so please, feel free to let rip on my mock-up below, with all the harshness and bluntness you can muster. i've braced myself for it.

but i have to say, even though i am genuinly interested in your opinions, paradoxically (and i hope this doesn't come off sounding arrogant or something) i kinda don't really care what you think, in a sense :lol: i don't mean that in an arrogant way. i'm just saying i'm already committed to the design as it is presented in the attached mock-up - for this particular build at least. so, while your opinions are most certainly important to me (why else would i even be asking), they won't, however, influence this particular build project.

i also have another build project planned after this one. so, in that sense, i do care what you think about the visual ideas i'm sharing with you now :) in that sense, your opinions, suggestions, critiques and whatnot will definitely be taken on board when i get around to that next build.

so, with that - hit me with your best shot!

thanks in advance for your opinions and suggestions (for the next build :wink: ).
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by LeePaton

Nope. Just keep it one solid colour.

Bit seen as you don't care what I think what does it matter.

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by Craigagogo

How about some colour on the fork? Perhaps inside?
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