Counterfeit bike parts?

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by nrsnow

Do counterfeit bike parts exist? I was looking to get Magura Marta SL brakes on eBay from someone in Taiwan, but I don't know if the parts are the real deal.
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by Weenie

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by devinci

I dont think real counter fake/imitations exist. I think those parts from Taiwan are either OEM take off, minor defective factory parts or parts sold by som,eone working at the factory, but im always warry and not quite confident buying expensive parts on ebay when they are located in Taiwan, China or other country as such.

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by aspms

I wouldn't worry about brakes- it's not that simple to make counterfeit. I read some time ago people were wondering about cheaper Magura Durin forks from Taiwan but I got one of these for myself. Didn't notice anything suspicious and it worked like charm :)

But I would definitely stay away from seatposts, handlebars and stems on ebay, especially if you can find exact brand and model dirt cheap @

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by nrsnow

I never looked at alibaba. I've heard about it...
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by nrsnow

I just looked in Alibaba. The only concern I have is purchasing a defect product from an Asian vendor, and then having to deal with returning the product.
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by kroe

If it isn't cheap enough for you to not care about warranty don't buy it. You are usually getting a legit product through grey market channels (left out the back of the factory, diverted before hitting a distributor, etc.). You aren't likely to have problems but also aren't likely to be able to warranty if you do (and shouldn't feel entitled to).

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by project3

Yes a lot from where I from like 3t, Easton, ritchey, zipp, cervelo, ect.

Brake? Haven't encounter yet.

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by c90sx

yes they do exist. Thompson had a video of one that they tested and it failed. Up to u if u want to run the parts that u got on a heavy discount.

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by 02GF74

i read about some fake Chris King headsets.

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by Rey

hey there !

only chris kings headset/ velo , WTB saddle / giro aeon have counterfeit products...

no magura

they are just all from factory directly,that's why cheap

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by SDP

had a cheap sram red rear der from taiwan. perfect...

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by Weenie

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