YouTube Cycling Videos PART 2

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by Routier"

Pantani recovering from a flat in the Giro 1999

by Weenie

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by airwise

G man wrote:These bike messengers must have a screw loose!

G man

Those bike messengers should be arrested and given very stiff sentences.

Twunts like that screw it up for the rest of us.

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by stella-azzurra

Nope, just can't ride no hands very well in the rain.
I never took drugs to improve my performance at any time. I will be willing to stick my finger into a polygraph test if anyone with big media pull wants to take issue. If you buy a signed poster now it will not be tarnished later. --Graeme Obree

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by HammerTime2

Funny film, but it would have been hilarious if the guy who passed the fallen cyclist and wound up winning had instead fallen when he raised his arms before the finish line.

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