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by jasonsv

Just finished my new race bike, ordered the frame couple months ago finally arrived and had time to build, only done 30km so far but impressed.

Enve post
Specialized toupe saddle
Fsa bars
3t stem
Zipp 404
Duraace pedals

Currently 6.12kg at the moment, but need to change bars and stem, and have speedplay ti, should go sub 6kg easy
Pictured here with my training bike which is 7.06kg for interest sake.

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by luckypuncheur

Nice duo. :)
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by Weenie

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by robertg

That is a very nice little stable you have going on there, I would love to own either one.

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by coppercook62

Training bike is Di2 ......nice

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by jasonsv

The TCR is a mix using Ultegra Di2 shifters and derailleurs and Duraace cranks, chain and cassette, which overall kept the costs down.

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Daddy yo yo
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by Daddy yo yo

:unbelievable: well, i am not a big fan of giant bikes. but i must admit, and i am sorry to say that, i find the training bike much more attractive than the star of this thread... :noidea:

i would have never imagined as bh bikes are rare and i generally miss this special something with giant bikes. but this giant is damn cool, my friend! :thumbup:
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by jasonsv

I have to admit I also think the tcr looks better it has been one of my favourite builds.

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by NiFTY

Both bikes look great. I am surprised that there haven't been more ultraligfht build on this site as they are a great frame. I would desticker or put black decals on both wheelsets though. Kudos on running ridiculous drop on both frames too mate.
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by jasonsv

The drop on both bikes is only about 105mm not that much really. Looks worse than it really is I think being both frames have quite a sloping top tube and maybe the photo angle.
However its is a issue I have to consider in my frame choice as I have very long legs for my height so my saddle often are and look high

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by Krull

i would appreciate a bigger picture, showing only the bh from a side-view. i like this bike.
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by 1415chris

Ultralight was my big contender for the new frame. Lots of things to like about this frame.

+1 for more pics of this build

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by austke

I love Both of your bikes very 8) , and yes more pics of both would be great. :D

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by dadoflam08

I really appreciate the paired back aesthetic of your style for both bikes.
BH was definitely going to be my new frame - until BH decided to change the rcable routing to internal for 2013 - Wasn't quick enough to grab a 2012 my size. Just don't understand why you would add the complication and weight to what is not an aero frame - no matter - enjoy it - by all reports they ride beautifully.
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by jmilliron

Slightly larger photo: ... otostream/" onclick=";return false;

Have to say, the Giant is a bit more attractive to me.

edit; damn, this is hot: ... hotostream
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by Weenie

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by vagbouk

Personally, I am not a fan of even have training wheels so having a tcr as a training bike it's a little bit wierd...

In my opinion, Giant is nicer, too!

Can you compare the two bikes??

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