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by Adp1

Nice! I like the orange

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by Pharmstrong

canbakay wrote:4 seconds spent reading the OP into would show that the wheels are temporary. :noidea:

Did you manage to get the weights of the athena?

4 seconds spent using the search function would net you Athena EPS' weights.

He said he was waiting for hubs. How am I to know he's not re-lacing those rims, or using some other decal heavy wheel.

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Daddy yo yo
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by Daddy yo yo

maggierose wrote:Don't worry Daddy, I didn't build it for you.
i am glad to hear! :lol: in fact, i was regretting already my comment because i thought i might have been impolite or rude. if that was the case, this wasn't my intention. you are absolutely right, you didn't build this bike for me. and as long as it is 100% what you like, i am happy about it! :beerchug:

maggierose wrote:Only on weight weenies would a guy w/a Trek on Lightweights call someone out on $ spent :?: (Nice Trek BTW)
hit and sunk! :roll: although i did not mean to talk about budget here. for me personally i thought one could build a more harmonious bike for less. but then again, it is all a question of personal taste... :noidea: andin the end, what do i have to say here? nothing! it's all your bike!!!

don't get me wrong, i love orange, but i would have either painted the whole frame (including the lugs) or i would have taken a neutral colour (clear or white) and have that built with orange accents like orange decals and chris king parts in mango or similar...

anyway, happy holidays and enjoy your bike!
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