Custom drilling on Bianchi D2 Time Trial frame

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by SWijland

A simple piece of plastic tubing should do the trick.

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by Bregne

Well - it is decided. I'll go through with it. When i've sold the groupset from the bike i'll strip it completly and drill the holes.

I guess it'll be a good idea to use a clean drill, so the frame won't be damaged.

Anyone who got a last thing or two to say before i get going?

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by fdegrove


Anyone who got a last thing or two to say before i get going?

It's your frame. After the drilling it was your frame..... :mrgreen:

Sorry but I just fail to see the point in risking to ruin a prefectly good frame (a nice one at that) just to have internal cabling.
I have internal cabling for the most part on my frame. I wouldn't miss it if I hadn't.

Ciao, ;)
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by Bregne

Hallo again

So i've done it. Now i need som help. In the holes i want to run my cabling through, shouldn't there be like a rubber-thingy to take the cable? What are theese called and where can they be purchased?

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by bura

Bregne, do not know your holes dias. :noidea:
But how about using a Nokon inner liner? This thin black but strong inner liner which Nokon has inside the outer alloy parts.
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by bonafide

Do we know which two frames these are? S2 for the Cervelo?

SWijland wrote:
Bregne wrote:How in the world should i guide the cable from the hole in probably the downtube, to the hole in the BB?

That parts sucks, whether you do custom drilling or buy one that has been done in the factory. I had to route the cables without guides ones on a Kestrel Airfoil frame. I ended up fishing the cable through with some iron wire bent on the tip to mimic a hook. Make sure to 'fish' through something like a thin shoelace or a textile wire first, as these are more flexible than your shift cables. After you have done that, you can tie the shoelace to your shift cable and pull it through.

Another option is to have the cables exit on the down side of the down tube, just before the weld off the bottom bracket and route the cables externally from that point on. Cervelo uses this method for example.


Or go the Specialized? way:


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by Bregne ... dd30_z.jpg

The thing i'm looking for is something like this. I think i saw Cinneli have some made of rubber to just plug in the hole, at some point. Anyone knows what theese are called?

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