Great idea ...why has no one thought of this

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by artray ... -r73-46795" onclick=";return false;

by Weenie

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by sanddancer

I have the locating lug for replacing my cleats in the right position. What I'd be more interested in is being able to buy just the front half on their own cheaply. For me it's the lip on the front of the clear that wears and I reckon that I could get through 4 or 5 of the tips before having to replace the rear section.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Alternatively, just use a marker on the sole of the shoe.

Costs about 1% of that jig...

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by Rick

I'm not sure that I think it is revolutionary, but it is good to see a little innovation.
What I DON'T like is "a combination of standard bearings and LSL – Lightweight Self Lubricating – rollers."

I'd rather have bearings.

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by mjduct

seems like an answer in search of a question. I wear out shoes before I wear out cleats. Then again I'm a cafe-cover nazi and can track stand for about 1/2 the lights I get stopped at!

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by Kasparz

Whats the point...just use the marker. Anyway, old cleats will leave some marks. I think it is so stupid, only triathletes will buy it. Oh wait, they are too cheap for tryathletes.

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by dolophonic

yes.. as said above, sharpie pen around the old cleat.. bingo!

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by deek

Now if they came up with a way to somehow transfer cleat position to different shoes we'd be talking...

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by artray

I don't understand why you guys are so down on the idea. It's very clever .I have not seen it before and I will use those cleats on my keo's . If you want to draw on your shoes or measure using a laser who cares :unbelievable: The point is It makes things simple and exact without any fuss and the cleats are going to be cheap as well . You might as well say "whats the point of emails I have a pen and paper "
hook is out :popcorn:

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by Dalai

Thanks for the link artray. I agree it is a neat idea... :thumbup:

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by Geoff

I kind of agree with Kasparz...the marks on the shoe part, anyway.

by Weenie

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