new shoes- help me decide: sidi or specialized? UPDATED!

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by latman

I had specialized shoes once that angled my feet out slightly (I think its called varus wedge ?) the footbed shape was fantastically contoured to my foot but the wedge effect was too much for me.

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by Rascal

I've just purchased a pair of 2013 S-Works. Did a good bit of shopping; had trouble finding local shops carrying Sidi's these days. My 4yr old Sidi's have served me well and the durability has been amazing. Haven't ridden the S-Works yet (after Christmas); but going to be watching the durability aspect.
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by Weenie

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by mann2

so far my wires have been amazing!

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by keith

My Sidi Ergo 2's are just a little narrow for my feet, so for next season I'm going to try the new S-Works, it looks good in the matt black I think!
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by davidalone

So I tired on the new shoes... the fit of the sidis tend to agree with me more. both the ergo3 and the wire are fine, but I seem to like the wire slightly better as there is abit more toe room, though the ergo3 doesnt fit badly either.

there do seem to be some pros and cons to each shoe:

ergo 3: (Price as sold to me by sponsor deal: ...USD) - cheaper , fit seems to be slightly more secure but edging towards abit too tight in the middle of the foot. . may be a nuisance on very long, hard rides ( I race, by the way.) on- the fly adjustment seems to be easier than the wire.

sidi wire : ( price as sold to me by sponsor deal: ...USD) . fit is nice, slightly more wiggle room. may have room for insoles (I think) really pretty shoes but not sure if the wire system can be replaced in event of crash damage. (does anyone know if it can be?). less breathable than the ergo3, but does seem to be very well built.

opinions all?
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by lbaez

wire!! haha

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by Frankie - B

If you are going down the Sidi route, first find an orthodic that supports your feet in a good way. the standard sidi insole does jack for you. base shoe size on your foot + the orthodic and you will be much happier.
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