2014 fsa k-force crankset

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by spartan

everyone is going proprietary on chainring design.
i don't this will work. shimano9000 110 spacing will become the new standard




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by Weenie

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by SWijland

spartan wrote:

Somehow I am struggling to see the difference. But then again, I am no expert.

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by odin99

the black crankset on the right looks sort of like darkgray 6700 ultegra with the new bolt pattern (albeit the new FSA is carbon). i bet the next gen ultegra will look similar.

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by lechat

If $ is in the equation and your in the market for bb30, new Sram Red blows everything else out of the water. $325-350 on eBay. Relist the heavy (and ugly) chainrings for $75 and buy some light ones.
You'll have a crank as light as a SISL for 1/2 the price.

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by woody55

What's the difference between the K-Force light and the K-Foce light?

Can't even spell their own product name correctly???

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by Monkeyboy3333

imo they look grim

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by zambony

OMG this is ugly. I really like the look of the old Kforce light, but this one (like the DA9000) are horrible.

As for the "stress distribution" picture, they mean absolutely nothing since the scale isn't plot. This is TOTAL BS.

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by ricerocket

It's FSA, who cares (unless you want to break your face).

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by mjduct

FSA = Fail Supremely Again

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by jmilliron

All black one looks clean. Might get one in EVO386 for my bike.
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by elviento

The illustration shows pedal at 1:30 position, which is not when the crank is most heavily loaded. Rather, 3:00 and 4:00 are more relevant.

However, it might be the most advantageous (albeit hard to tell) position for the K-Force.
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by Weenie

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by davidalone

from the FEA results, it looks like the new design stresses the chainrings (marginally) less over a smaller area than the 4 bolt and 5 bolt design, which could mean better front shifting. looks like an evolution if the shimano 4 bolt pattern.

But meh, I don;t think theres actually much of a difference from the shimano 9000 deisgn to actually bother. the shimano 4 bolt is going to be the new standard. FSA is just being different for the sake of it.

now if SHimano bought over this technology and made it the new standard, then we'd be talking... but FSA doesnt have the draw that shimano has...

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