Specialized Prevail helmet

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by djconnel

fletch62 wrote:Its f@#cked. :evil: Kiss $300 goodbye.

I'd still use it, maybe with a bit of glue there, as I wouldn't see that making a difference in an actual crash. But that's just me.

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by LouisN

SQ wrote:I want to like this helmet (light, aero, legal in Aus) but does anyone else find that the fit is quite wide?

I usually fit a size M or L helmet (my head is 59cm).
In my club two guys bought the Prevail lately. One M and one S. To my surprise, I fit in the M, and even in the S size (tight, but snug and comfy). I would buy the size S (maybe in the off season, when other guys will sell their "too big" Prevails :twisted: ).

Louis :)

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by daj

bikewithnoname wrote:If,as fletch62 says, this helmet can't handle a drop from handlebar height without cracking I'd be mighty concerned about putting it on my head

Well of course the handlebars were attached to the bike. And the whole thing fell over of course. And a handlebar is very thin and as opposed to your head which, I hope, has a somewhat bigger surface area.

Then finally a helmet is designed to absorb the energy created from a fall, thus possibly cracking, so your head does not crack instead.

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by djconnel

the crack looks like it's in the super-thin section on the brow, right? Just under the S.... A comparable part broke on my S-Works, and I put electrical tape over it. In a crash, that's so thin it would shatter after the first impact anyway, so honestly I don't see the little crack changing much.

The real protection, if any, seems to come from the main portion of the helmet above the brow vent.

So it looks superficial to me. I'd just glue it.

Let's face it: a sub-200 gram helmet is not going to be the most robust head protection.


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by spinwax

Picked up a Prevail today. Gave my Aeon to my wife. Now that I am on a Specialized, I can wear the helmet. LOL. :lol: Odd, because my Ionos fit me better than my Aeon. My Volt fit the best. My S-works fit terrible, but the new Prevail fits better than my Aeon or Ionos. Basically second behind my Volt. Odd.

Did that make sense? :smartass:

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by natiedean24

Thought I would dredge up an old thread to give my thoughts on my Specialized Prevail helmet.

I've ridden about 1,000 miles with the helmet and I very much love it. Like most Specialized products I have used (saddles, shoes) the big advantage is comfort.

My previous helmet was a Giro Atmos.

Fit: I use a medium. It is a larger helmet and has a large profile on the head compared to the Giro.

Comfort: much more comfortable than the Giro. With the Giro, at the front, you have a thin pad with hard foam behind that. It dug into my forehead; I didn't realize it was doing this until I rode with the Prevail. I almost can't stand to ride with the Giro now. Maybe the Giro was a bit too small, but the next size larger didn't work. The Prevail has this plastic headband thing all the way around that is covered in a material to absorb sweat. The helmet 'floats' with very little pressure (if any) from the hard spots. This is the big advantage of this helmet - it feels great.

Ventilation: Very good. Better than the old Giro. I can really feel the wind going across my head. And to think the Giro Atmos was much better ventilated than my previous helmet, and likewise for the one previous to that. It is amazing how this keeps improving with each generation of helmets.

Sound: Some have said the prevail is vastly more quiet than other helmets. No-Way - I can't hear any difference.

Strap Flapping: Haven't noticed it one bit.

Aerodynamics: I read the claims and am happy to take any gains in aero efficiency; however, I can't tell any difference in feel, time, speed, etc.

Front Visibility: Here is a weird one and the only negative. I ride with aero-bars and often have a low head position where I glance up with my eyes. The helmet has a significant forward protrusion above the brow and I actually find it blocks my forward view in this low head position compared to the Giro.

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by djconnel

I put packing tape over the front-center vents on mine. Does that help aerodynamics? Maybe.... I've not noticed any effect on heat, but it is rarely hot here.

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by Getter

I came from an Atmos also. The best thing besides the weight is the straps on the Prevail. The Giro straps always dug into my ears and would become extremely uncomfortable after an hour.
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by brycerider

The flapping plastic bits where the chin strap connects are highly annoying much happier with the Kask Mojito

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