losing 1000g

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by mjduct

it's very easy to lose weight on the brake calipers, look at fairwheel bikes for lots of options on feather weight stuff that is compatible with any bodies levers

by Weenie

Tokyo Drifter
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by Tokyo Drifter

1kg is a lot, but skewers, cranks, pedals and brakes will be a good start.

if you're keeping to a budget, maybe just run some token/planetx/generic cnc stuff. it's light and you don't really need brakes in a criterium.

keep an eye out or hit up ebay for some shifters and a rear derailleur and you're about as close as you'll get.

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by SDP

what category are you?
where do you race ?
what time of year ( ie winter series or just summer )
have you ever crashed in a crit ?

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