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Discuss light weight issues concerning mountain bikes & parts.

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by yourdaguy

Yea! I generally buy a 700 and end up whittling it down to 685-690. And I would not even consider buying anything under 690 but I mainly ride SS 29er.
For certain parts stiffer is more important than lighter.

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by emike


Thanks a lot! New brand to me.

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by Fattrucker


Just skimmed through this thread (tons of info , thanks :D )
I am looking for a 600+ mm wide bar in 31.8mm dia , fairly straight (would consider upto 11 degree bend) that could be cut to 600mm if wider.
I would like to keep the cost to under £100 if possible please .
Having searched and followed links till I am blue in the face I cannot find the right product . :noidea:
Annnd here's why .......... it needs to be WHITE , LIGHT(ish) and have a matching WHITE seatpost (also reasonably light) :|
Other details are the bike they are going on is matt black and anodised baby pink (OTH's project)
Glossy white would be ideal I think but large coloured graphics would clash with the pink .
The only things I can find are boat anchors <250gms or plastered in garish painted graphics .
I don't care about material - alloy , carbon , ti . Or where it's made (I'm not a brand or country of origin snob - most things branded or not are made in the far east anyway 8) )
She doesn't race or jump (relative novice) so max strength isn't *that* important .

Hope I have given enough background info for you guys to help me out here TIA


P.S. Hope this is ok in this thread and not requiring a new topic ? :oops:

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