Hard Time in changing bikes

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by Ailes

Hi, I'm a rider from Hong Kong. I have a really hard time these months in my process of changing bikes.

I used to ride the Time RXRs ULTeam black label
I sold it to my brother 4 months ago and start looking for a new bike

At the end, i was picking between Colnago C59 and Cipollini RB800.
Personally I prefer C59 as I love Colnago more
So I order a mechanical c59 Nero from a HK dealer.
However, after waiting for 3 months,
the frame finally arrived but it was wrong and it was an electronic version!!!!

Now, I have some options and wanna see you guys' opinions:
1) Got a full refund from the dealer and order a Cipollini (wait for 2 months)
2) still take the Nero electronic frame and upgrade to EPS (extra pay HK$12000)
3) ask the dealer to re-order again (wait for another 2 months)
4) I know other stores in HK, have a c59 mechanical, my size, but GDOB or Europcar team color

What do u guys think?

At this moment, I keep riding a titanium Lynskey helix. But I really need a new Carbon bike


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by wolfesquire

EPS of course.

by Weenie

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by Tamu8104

Agree on the EPS
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by majklnajt

DA Di2

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by Rumsas

Go and buy the Team europcar frame

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by alfredox5

EPS :thumbup:

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by c50jim

If the C59 is the size and colour you want and only wrong in that it's electronic, I'd go EPS even though it's more money. If it's the wrong size, forget it altogether and buy the C59 from the other dealer. Why wait another two months when either your dealer or Colnago screwed up? EPS works well and is probably the way of the future (spoken by a guy who just bought two more NOS C40s because that's what he likes best even though I have newer Colnagos and EPS on a Wilier because I couldn't get a Colnago for it).

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by cerro

Getting the best frame you can find I say: Go for EPS. Adjusted and tried a little earlier this week and awesome feeling
/jonas l
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by Geoff

The Europcar frame (assuming matte black with metallic green) is a really nice finish. I am waiting for an EPS bike and cannot comment on that yet, but you should be good with either. :beerchug:

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by austke

EPS or DI2 :thumbup:

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by Weenie

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by Ailes

How about using Di2 Ultegra with Super Record or Fulcrum RRS Crank at this moment?. Then I dun needa pay extra if I sell my existing mechanical super record Groupset.

The reason I am hesitating about EPS is seems like it is a little bit behind Shimano's electronic system and I think they will have some modification in EPS very soon.

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