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by ash1

I got hold of my new frame set roughly two weeks ago........


I was rode a 2010 supersix ultimate for two years prior to this update and they are a quite different;
Now I'm no review expert but i will try and relay my interpretation as best i can. I have swapped everything from my old supersix, the only two components i changed was the front mech (clamp to braze) and the seat post from 31.6cm to 27.2cm.

The new evo is much much more comfortable in terms of soaking up road buzz. I find that it really smooths out any sharp vibrations and dulls minor vibration through the bars and seat. I dont know how much of this attributed to the decrease in seat post diameter or the "save" technology in the chain and seat says, but who cares it works! Another assumption of soaking up road buzz and sharp vibration from hitting imperfections in the road could be from the fork "save technology".

Handling and stability:
I find that the evo is less stable/solid in the front end, it feels like i have to hang onto the front much more than the old supersix. It feels much more twitchy, not in the steering but in the stability which is not a bad thing just different. The new supersix has the same confidence inspiring handling when entering corners at high speeds and tracks like it is on rails.

I don't know how much of this is new bike bliss but i have set PB's on all of my usual rides and feel really much fresher afterwards.

That's about as much as i can elaborate at this point as it is still early days (800km) but i will update as i do more km's and start racing at my local crit in the new year.

I haven't got decent scales so this is going by my shitty old bathroom scales: 6.2kg as pictured (size 56). I will get down to the bike shop and weigh it properly soon.

Just for reference this is my old ride:

by Weenie

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by Timo

I definitely like this bike a lot :thumbup:
And if I ever meet an aardvark, I'm going to step on its damn protruding nasal implement until it couldn't suck up an insect if its life depended on it.

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by ash1

thanks Timo, me too!

I forgot to mention i swapped out dura ace for record and will never look back :thumbup:

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by thencameyou

Ok, that's nice. Gumwalls look good on the wheels (303?)
The seatpost jars a little bit, though would be nice with zero100 stem and newton shallows if the fit works for you. Minor details, i'm impressed!

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by wasabi1

Tan sidewalls look good. In fact they always look good.
I need a set!!

You must have a slightly odd pedaling style for your crank to be in that state.

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by ash1

the cranks were scuffed like that when i bought them wasabi1. I thought the same thing about the guy i bought them from.

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by Krull

both nice bikes, but the evo looks better, one of my favorites. :thumbup:
i think, the difference in comfort comes, as you said, from the seatpost.

btw: you seem to have a different seat-position on the evo, with the setback-post?
sorry vor mai bed englisch!

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by DJT21

Nice bikes. Although I think the bottle cages and Zipp logos on the wheels would have worked well on the new one.

Any reason why you've changed your position so much with regards to saddle set back? You were running an inline post on your old one.

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by loco2546

:thumbup: Both bikes are GORGEOUS !

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by luckypuncheur

Both bikes are stunning. I'd have kept the SuSi as s 2nd bike for the not so nice days. :)
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by Anders

I'm into black bikes and your old bike therefor appeals more to my personal taste. No surprise if you look at my CAAD10. Is there any way you can touch up the finish of the crankset?

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by ash1

Thanks guys, As much as i loved the SuSi I'm really loving everything about the evo. I initially planned to strip it and do a full custom paint job but decided that i would wait it out to see if the current scheme grew in me and it certainly has

In regards to the saddle setback, I have noticed that my saddle had moved back slightly (thanks for making me notice guys :thumbup: ). I had a 3t 25mm and 0mm setback posts and could never find the happy middle ground i needed to balance feeling conformable, producing power and keeping my knees happy. The deda post is 21mm setback which seams to give me just the right amount of setback to balance it all out. And it just happened at the same time as getting the new frame set!

Anders: i looked into re-anodising the cranks set, it costs $40 and it will cover all the logos, otherwise there not much i can do.

I am thinking of switching the brakes out for Ciamillos to try and get it under 6kg, but read so many mixed reviews, does anyone have first hand experience with record and ciamillo brakes?

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by AttacknowAttackoften

Nice. The new paint scheme is killer, methinks. Why the conical spacer?
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by robertg

I really like the paint scheme on your Evo, nice and simple.

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by ash1

I am just playing around with the fit at the moment,hence the spacer.

by Weenie

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