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by foofighter

For a Parlee Z4. Same graphics as:

Probably with a 3t Arx team stem(red stripe) and either ergonova bars or a FSA wing pro compact bar.
31.6mm UD gloss carbon with mild setback(5-20mm)
not too $$$ and not too much heavier than a Thomson elite.
The reference point in terms of weight/adjustability and overall reliability is Thomson, I just want to try something different.

The first thing that came to mind is the Doric team, but I've read bad reviews about the clamp.
Same with the Bontrager XXX lite (clamp mechanism not solid and rails too short).

The 2 current ones I'm contemplating are the Syntace P6 and the Fizik Cyrano. Both supposedly have great clamps and overall reliability and not too $$$. Weightwise they are not spectacular but reliability>>weight.

by Weenie

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by Rick

I just switched from a Dorico Team White (Red stripe) to a Thompson Masterpiece Setback (both 31.6).
Both the Thompson and the Dorico are cut to about 233 mm to the rails.
The Thompson was 153 gms with its stock steel bolts
The Dorico was 210 gms with its stock titanium bolts

If you are interested in my Dorico, and the length will work for you, PM me,

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by thisisatest

you mentioned considering the Doric, but werent thrilled about the clamp. the doric's clamp is fine, but it has no setback and the uppper yokes take a lot of room, leaving fore-aft adjustment lacking. the doricO has a good bit of setback, but although the clamp mechanism is similar to the doric, it's much worse, with the front bolt being too close to the cradle compared to the rear bolt, leading to uneven bolt tension and just being a bit of a pain to adjust...
the syntace p6 full carbon is awesome, but somewhat heavy. fizik's is alright, but i would expect them to be able to make a carbon post with a one-piece head these days.

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by 2011

The new Fizik seatpost is really quite nice. I have one on my Parlee Z4 as well.


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by sungod

the fizik cyrano is a good looking post, excellent clamp, the cf one is bit comfier than the al one

neither is especially light though..

cyrano carbon 31.6mm 330mm 218g
cyrano alloy 31.6mm 330mm 238g

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by Rush

My seatpost bolt snapped yesterday so I'm looking for a cheap-ish alloy post.

Currently considering the 3T Pallido Pro or the Thomson Elite setback. The 3T mainly for aesthetics as I'll be swapping to 3T bars in the near future.

Any comments?

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by robertg

I recently picked up a Williams Cycling Ionic CCS 27.2 post, and at 350mm it weighed 185g (claimed 184g). The 31.6 is supposed to weigh 189g at 350mm. Carbon rail compatible and it cost me $100 shipped. I cut it down to 280mm and it weighed in at 168g. A great deal in my opinion for little money.

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by neverwasbeen

+1 for the cyrano - the control tech that came with my supersix broke (and left me on my arse one ride). Replaced it with the cyrano and it is the best post I've used by a long way in terms of clamp design, reliability and it looks good too. Not the lightest, but after a seat post failure I'm targeting other areas for weight now!

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by Rush

Had a look at my post (well, what is left of it) and it looks like it has a lot of setback, about 30mm. So that will narrow my choices somewhat.

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by bet987

The Doric clamp isn't that bad to deal with. There are some tight tolerances but workable. If you don't need the set back its a nice post. I rode a Doric LTD for 2 years. Great post but it didn't fit my new frame. Biggest problem is getting an allen wrench for tighten the clamp. Multitools don't work well. Straight allens work much better.

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by bet987

A FSA K-Force is red white and carbon. It would look good on that bike.

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by djconnel

I was a bit Thomson fan until I looked at the VeloNews vibration tests, where it didn't do so well. I'm still a fan but I don't think it's for everyone. I have a Thomson which I've retrofitted with KCNC clamps which is very light, and a KCNC which (of course) has KCNC clamps. The KCNC clamps don't fit perfectly on the Thomson: they work but not as well as they do on a Thomson post.

I can't imagine you care more about looks than about 50 grams.

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by prendrefeu

Setback? Yes or no?

No? Omni, Token, SMUD.
Exp001 || Other projects in the works.

by Weenie

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