Dura Ace 9000 - ETA late 2012/early 2013

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by bluesea

Can anyone compare the 9000's right side upshift/downshift lever throw, to that of 2011 SRAM Red?

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Max Gravity
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by Max Gravity

I've seen those wheels before on Wiggins bike but I can't find them anywhere.
Low profile asymmetrical carbon tubular rim with shimano hubs.

Where can you get something like that? Older and discontinued?
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by TurboKoo

Max Gravity wrote:Older and discontinued?

Yep, it's a discontinued item.
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by RobyDogma

If I am not wrong they are the Dura Ace 7850, best wheels ever built in my opinion ;-)
Have 2 pairs of the 7801, more or less the same but they have the nipples in the hub.
Great stuff!

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by asv

It looks like pro tour teams are now getting production di2 gruppos:


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by RobH

This is good news, hopefully I can get my new bike by early Feb :P
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by mann2

KMC X11SL's fit and perform perfectly with the 9000.

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by metal

Not really di2 related, but it is in the fabian build video.

What are these holes in his handlebars for? (see attached image file)
handlebar holes

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by Stuartclark1977

Weight saving!
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by HammerTime2

On December 14 in "PRO" Cycling Discussion
nathanong87 wrote:
Willier wrote:Dura-Ace Di2 9070 11-speed on Cancellara's Trek Domane


drillium on his bars. i thought fabian didn't like di2 or something. mechanical4lyfe kinda guy. oh well

HUMP DIESEL wrote:I think that is a Bontrager bar. They used to have those holes and then those inserts with the zertz type vibration dampners in them.


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by aaric

Anyone have real world weights on the Wh-9000 C35 CL and C50 CL?

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by deek

How are people running their FD cable? The anchor bolt essentially has two positions and I can't really tell a difference between the two. It's not even mentioned in the instructions, so I don't know which one would be better.

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by upside

You should have recieved a small plastic tab that will attach to the front derailleur. That tab will tell you if the cable coming up will be loacted on the inside or outside. One of Shimano tech site will walk you through it, but I found this so confusing.

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