Mavic exalith coating and tubular glue

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by gb103

Hi, does anybody know how easy it is to remove tubular glue off the exalith brake track. I use white spirits on carbon rims, but will this be detrimental to the exalith coating.


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monty dog
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by monty dog

I once had a chat to the guys that own the company that do the coating process - it is at a molecular level within the metallic structure so should not be affected by any solvents
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by fdegrove



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by Geoff

It can't be any different than a hard-anodized rim of old...

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by elviento

This apparently is a very tough coating, and should not be affected.

It uses a very high temperature (1500 degrees? Not sure of exact number), and can achieve deep penetration into the aluminum.
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by konky

A drop of petrol/gasoline is best for getting rim glue off brake tracks and I doubt it would trouble the exalith coating. Alcohol doesn't really do the job.

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