My New Niner Air 9 RDO Build

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by Willpower

So. It is not quite finished yet, but I thought that I would give a heads up so far at 17.11 Lbs
It is very stiff and absolutely flies. When I ride with the XX forks it is very compliant too.

Frame: Niner Air 9 RDO – Large 19”
Fork: Niner RDO 15mm Maxle
Wheels: Roval 29" SL 142+ modified to fit 135
Tyres: S-works Renegade
Skewers: 15mm Maxle and 10mm RWS through bolt
Brakes: Hope Race X2 Evo
Cranks: Cannondale Hollowgram PF30
Spider: XX Modified chainline
Rings: Rotor Q rings 25, 38
Pedals: Egg Beater 11
Seat post: Extralite
Stem: Extralite
Bars: Crank Bros Cobalt 11
Grips: ESI Chunky
Shifters: were X0 modified, now XX Grip shift
Fr Mech: XX
Rear Mech: XX
Cassette: XX
Cable housing: Jagwire
Saddle: Specialized Romin
Bottle Cage: Cannondale Imix

There are still a few things to do. I have a Ti spiderless single chainring to try, Scrub brake rotors, Maxis tyres, a toupe saddle, some modified skewers, lighter pedals, carbon seat clamp, lightweight expander nut, alloy valves, Ceramic BB and headset bearings, shorter steerer and remove spacer etc. I think that 16.00 Lbs is achievable and still be able to hammer it with confidence.

I also have the Rock shox XX fork for it in Niner green, these are being modified to accept the specialized brain damper.

Comments and advise are welcome


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by devinci

Awesome bike!

Please, Do give some comments on the xx gripshifters...!!

by Weenie

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by Willpower

The modified 9 speed X0 did not work too well in real off road riding conditions, there was ghost shifting and all of the problems associated with cable drag even though everything was new.

Now the XX shifter is a real revalation, absolutely perfect!
Excellently crafted.
Adaptable for your own choice of grips.
Very positive
No miss shifts
Easy cable change
Use shimano or Sram rear mech.

On the down side (very minor bugs)
Not much scope for tuning.
No gear position indicator.
No intermediate notches on 2x front shift.

Still better than anything else I have tried.

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by socratease

Very nice bike!

I'll trade you dampers, if you like. :wink:

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by 2002maniac

Very nice! I really like the green suspension fork. Only thing I would have done differently would be a lighter handlebar (mt zoom maybe).

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by limba

Nice. I'm saving this and having a better look later.

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by bikerboyj1700

The new XX Gripshifters work with shimano derailleurs??

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by Willpower

Sorry, My mistake on the compatibility of the new XX grip shift :oops:

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by jooo

What did you do to the Roval hub to make it fit the normal 135mm spacing? Was it a version that has wider flange spacing than normal or just the longer end caps?

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by Willpower

The rear hub is Specialized specific 142+ it is similar to 142 except the drive side flange and freehub is set 2mm outboard.
I bought some standard 135mm Roval end caps that gave me a 137mm spacing as the spindle is also 2mm wider than a standard hub.
In order to get the required 135mm spacing I machined 1mm from the drive side end cap and 1mm from a raised portion of the replaceable mech hanger.
I thought that I would need to re-dish the wheel but this was not necessary (it is probable 0.5mm off centre)
In all honesty it would have fitted with no problem without machining the end cap or hanger at all!

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by Lateralus

Nice bike, congrats. Where did you buy the green sid???

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by crohnsy

Lateralus wrote:Where did you buy the green sid???

My guess is from Niner..

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by nogueira.nuno


Can you please tell me if was easy to fit the Hollowgram on the Niner?

What spindle length have you used?



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by Drappo

Congratulations, the sid green is fantastic!

by Weenie

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by Reamens

It is already beautiful :)

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