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by Brandonnie

Looks like they were making them in a basement LOL

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by elviento

Very true, and although repeated many times, it's still often ignored.

Too many times people say these roll of the same production line as the $5K frames, but 99% of the time it's simply not true. Invariably it's someone who used to work at a big factory who left w/ some 3D drawings and set up his own joint. Problem is, he knows only a portion of the procedures (very few people knows all the aspects well), and even worse, it is usually someone with no regard for quality and long term reliability.

Would you take knock-off Tylenol from a former Johnson&Johnson employee's backyard workshop for 80 cents a box?

I am saying this and I have been tempted as well. From August to November this year, I worked with a painting faclity run by someone who used to work at a well respected place in the area (they have done CUBE, Scott, Ridley, Focus and BH), but he did a horrible job on our frames and I wasted a lot of time and money. Now our paintjobs are done by his former employer, and they are very nice (double the price but worth the $$$). I also tried out some stuff from one of these knockoff places and the seatpost snapped under my 165lbs.

So too many times the consumer thinks he can outsmart the system, but most of the time it's an illusion.

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