Dura Ace 9000 - ETA late 2012/early 2013

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by hjb1000

^ That's all well and good to say 'wait it out', but at the end of the day you are probably talking 4 years away. Personally I'd like to ride the new groupset and enjoy it.

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by tobyinsydney

Full review DA 9000 in the new RIDE, onsale today

Read for free here http://www.zinio.com/pages/RIDECyclingR ... 601/pg-188

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by dbordewisch

I have my new Dura Ace 9000. Wheels following shortly.

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by petal666

What's that clear plastic bit?

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by upside

That is to see where your front derailleur cable is to be run. I had to do some research when I installed the new derailleur. You have to find out if the cable is in or out to connect your cable correctly.
Kind of fugly though.

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by ipenguinking

Can someone explain how this thing work? I'm still confused after going over Shimano's online manual. My components are arriving shortly.

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by Laurens

I am confused because of the Shimano manual! I am waiting for my cables and then I have everything complete to finish the build. I am guessing (hoping?) that it will make sense when I actually have everything in front of me. Who knows, the manual might even start to make sense then.
From what I gather it's a simple device to determine what position the anchor bolt needs to have based on the angle your cable has approaching the FD.

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by petal666

Coolest skewer ever?


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by micky

Very cool indeed.

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by Geoff

Certainly looks cool, but not looking light...

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by oskeres

I apologize if this has already been asked before, however two things...

1) Would 7900 chainrings be able to work with the new 11-speed chain? Like some, I have a 7900 SRM and would love to keep using it instead of purchasing a new SRM.

2) Zipp has came out with a new cassette free-hub body. Is this free-hub body able to be installed in previous generation wheels or is the re-dishing true for them as well?


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by aerozy

1) yes
2) no... wheel would need to be redished and zipp insists it be done by them alone
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by Vallinotti

petal666 wrote:Coolest skewer ever?


Not the coolest, but may be the most heavy weight ever.

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by Wingnut

I'm a Campagnolo man...yes they look pretty cool...
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by MarkThailand

I am normally a SRAM person - I have a 2012 SRAM Red-equipped bike, a 2011+2012 SRAM Red + Quarq-equipped bike, and a SRAM Force-equipped bike.

But, my next custom bike is being designed around the Shimano 9070 DI2 with the internal seatpost battery option.

I even got my latest custom wheelset with the new White Industries T11 rear hub (HED C2 rim with CX-Ray spokes) so I convert it to 11-speed Shimano.

Hopefully, by the time my custom frame is done in March 2013, the Shimano 9070 DI2 groupset and the internal seatpost battery should be available.

2012 Lynskey R330 with SRAM Red Quarq
2013 Parlee Z1 with DA 9070
2013 Lynskey Helix OS II with SRAM Red

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