Fibre Lyte Ultra -Lyte gear mech plate

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by hillrider

Im interested in buying an ultra lyte plate for my 7900 rear mech.Its very light at 2g,but im worried about reliability.Anyone use these,and are they durable?? Thanks in advance.

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by dereksmalls

I don't think you have anything to worry about. I have the 2gm Campag one and it is awesome - no issues at all so go for it

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by theremery

They are strong. Don't worry. I have a 1.6g version's getting marginal......but their normal 2g ones are awesome. Dont take much (if any) off the front cage plate if you are doing a serious custom build.
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by mnmasotto

I have three. They are on my Shimano Di2, Campy SR11 and Campy R10. No issues whatsoever. Very reliable and well made.

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by hillrider

Thanks everyone for the replys,I just ordered one! :P

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by jdp211

Maybe a bit late, but I'll throw in a less than stellar review. I had one of the uber light ones a year or two ago that snapped while I was working on the bike in the stand. Not really sure what went wrong, but it snapped clear in half.

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by hetchins68

Its a good brand, the company owner uses it on his daily bike!
I have Fibre lyte chainring as well, and no problem at all after 3000mls so far! :thumbup:

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