DA 7850 rebuild - 16H rim recommendations

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by Privateer

I've worn the sidewalls on my Dura Ace 7850s into a lovely concave shape. I'd like to rebuild the hubs onto new rims before they fail and I lose some teeth.

I'd like to use either light or aero rims, or it isn't worth rebuilding them compared to the price of a replacement set of training wheels on eBay. Cost is a consideration - Zipp and Enve are not options.

I wanted to go with Stans Alpha 340, but they aren't available in a 16 hole drilling. Farsports might be an option.

What are your recommendations for either a light (ideally tubeless) or aero rim in a 16/20 drilling?

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by istigatrice

Privateer wrote:I wanted to go with Stans Alpha 340

and for a good reason... I wouldn't trust that build at 57kg...

I would have a look at the kinlin XC-279 or BHS c472w, not sure if it comes in a 16h, but it looks a very stout rim
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by HillRPete

Generic 16h rims are very scarce, your best bet would probably be to score a whole wheel on ebay/classifieds, as replacement rim pricing is also quite steep. Also look around for the Ultegra counterpart, you might be able to rebuild the rim on the DA hub, if that's a priority.

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by racingcondor

The velocity deep V is worth a look (comes in a 16 hole according to the site). I'm not sure that there are any Alu rims that will actually build into a stiff enough wheel with so few spokes though.

If you can spend a little more then something like the Planet X 50mm Carbon rim sells (debadged) in a 16 hole and a 20 hole Gigantex rear might even be stiff enough for a lighter rider.


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by tigoose

To the op
What did you end up getting as i'm wanting to do the same with rs80 hubs?

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by lechat

There's nice looking a set of Xero XR1s on eBay for $140 shipped. They use Kinlin XR300s in 16/20.

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