The "best" MTB hubs and rims (custom build) are....?

Discuss light weight issues concerning mountain bikes & parts.

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by devinci

but last time I checked, king hubs, dt hubs and tune hubs were expensive...

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by michel2 ... ub&x=0&y=0

Hope is affordable !!
That makes its roughly 250 aus dollar for a set of uk hubs !

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by LouisN

I was including Hope in the list already. Heard many good things about them. Even with a little extra weight...
Do they make all the different axle's diameters options ?

As for Tune, I built a road wheelset for a friend last summer. The rear hub (mag 170) is creaking like crazy after just 1200 km. Don't know about the MTB models, but not shure it's worth the 50-75g savings.

Yes, DTSwiss ARE expensive here, even CK and Tune !!!

Anybody else runs AM Classic MTB ?

What about the verified weight for the newest XTR's ? They're nice :D !!!

Louis :)

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by limba

The old American Classic hubs were so bad I think people are still scared to try the new ones. I've read that they've solved the hub problems. I wouldn't bother with them or a lot of other companies including Tune. The best of everything hub is XTR. The other proven winners are DT and King. The proven rim is Stan's. If you build up anything else you're taking a risk. Those cheap carbon rims might be awesome or flawed right out of the box. I'd build up a Stan's wheelset and be done with it.

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by thisisatest

Light-bicycle rims are proven. Search on the thread is a million pages long.

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by devinci

Ive read a lot of good comments on the newer AC hubs, their weight is nice and price too. The quality issue is apparently solved

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by limba

thisisatest wrote:Light-bicycle rims are proven. Search on the thread is a million pages long.

Yeah, I've been reading that. I found it a week ago. I still wouldn't say they're proven. Guys just started riding them. Stan's has been around forever.
Like I said, I have no experience with them. They might be the greatest thing ever. I may even buy them in the future. Who knows? But Stan's/XTR/DT/King have all kicked ass for over 10 years. You can't go wrong with those companies.

Edit: Good luck to anyone that wants to read the threads on the mtbr site. The 29er carbon wheels is over 100 pages long and the 26" is currently at 32. There are only a few people actually using these rims and out of that small group some have cracked them already. These rims have only been around a few months and the company is making ongoing modifications. They let the customer do the product testing. They are not proven.

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by Cheers!

Stans crest. Best trade offs between light, durable and not outrageous in cost.

Whatever lightest cheap made in Taiwan front hub (extralight or tune if you got the money). Front hubs rarely fail.

Chris king rear hub (used). Chris king has the best engagement, best design, no pawls. The more torque you apply, the stronger the engagement force.

Sapim cxray. In the end we are talking about a max increase over 64 dollars over the standard spoke.

If you have to have matching front and rear hubs get hopes. Very high quality. Decent weight. Engagement is so so.

I own, tunes, i9s, Chris king, extradited, hope and in my opinion Chris king makes the best rear hub. Front hub is just a front hub. But if you got money after spending money on Chris king, extralite makes the nicest front.
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by kroe

If you don't care about engagement American Classic are super durable and light. If you do care about engagement Chris King.

I would build using light-bicycle carbon rims and either Cx-ray or DT supercomp depending on how much budget remains.

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