New Litespeed CX art project

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by bigskyTi

Finally have this rig in semi showable condition

Litespeed CX sz L
3t Luteus
Chris King Tapered HS
zipp sl bar
ti stem
BBG Bash guard/K-Edge watcher
SRAM Red Crank Compact 38t
SRAM Red shifters
SRAM Red Med Wi-Fli rear
SRAM Red 2013 11-28
Reynolds Assault CX disc
Dugast Silk
Ti Post
Custom covered Fizik Arione
Leather bar Cover
Rigid Copper Brake/Shift Lines w/ liner
BB7 Brakes
XX Rotors

Still a lot of work to do. the fork is painted copper with a patina in the inside. Didn't turn out the way i hoped on the first two tries and this is a slightly more passable try #3. The rigid tubing for the brakes and the shifters is awesome but took several hours to bend and install. of course it will mostly have to be redone when I go to the Hayes brakes which are lighter and look a lot better but were out of stock when I ordered.
The saddle didn't turn out the way I want either, but looks cool. Same with the bar wrap. Looks great on the bottom half but is too small on the top. Have to redo that as well. A fun project and a lot of learning experience that will continue to get nicer once I'm done racing this season.

Oh and the bike rides awesome. Not just a pretty face.

I have no idea on weight. Acceptable, but not truly light. there are a lot of heavy components on there, but I was more after looks than pure weight on this one.


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by dereksmalls

I'm glad it rides well but for me the copper/tan finsih ain't my thing. The wheels and discs though look killer!

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by crimsonbadger

Beautiful. Did you strip all of the padding off the Arione before refinishing with the leather? How does it ride? Weight?

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by irf3

Bike looks great! Can you give some details on how you painted the SRAM parts?

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by bikericer

Holy crap that is awesome! :shock:

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by prendrefeu

The copper pipework is a beautiful touch. That's my favourite part of this build.

Thanks for sharing BigSky! :beerchug:
Exp001 || Other projects in the works.

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by SWijland

That copper pipework is stunning! Not sure if I like the copper look on the frame/fork though.

Why not get yourself a nice engraved Gilles Berthoud saddle? I think it would look great on this bike. You could also get matching bar tape.

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by SWijland

Almost forgot: mooooore pics please and bigger ones!

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by trychle

Very special indeed!

Are you also planning on riding in the mud with this bike?
I foresee some trouble with the leather stitches of the handlebar tape.. :noidea:

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