EVO Ultimate - 5.3kg

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by Krull

i almost had missed this topic.

fantastic, the cannondale evo is one of the most-beautiful framesets, for my taste, especially the black one.

your build is just great! :thumbup:

btw:yes, the cannondale-geometry wouldnt fit me perfectly as well, but this not at all would keep me from riding this frameset.
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by jvanv8

Lovely. Like Christmas!
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by Weenie

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by quaman26

Hi ! What size Smud seat collar did you use ? I can only find 31.8mm ones as the smallest and the Evo uses a 30mm one. Please let me know. Thanks

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by ross

Not sure about the red cables but lovely looking bike, well done

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by KH1

Nice bike. Did you throw the green hubs in for any particular reason? I like them. With the red I get a bit of Italian inspiration or maybe Liquigas from them but you probably have gone with those colours for a completely different reason.
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by apLe

Tomasz, nice bike. Did you exchange one of your Simplons for this one or it's just another bike in your collection? :] I like green hubs, but I don't like red housing.
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by kolarzyk

I choose "crazy green" as tune describes this colour cause i didn't want black, i don't like gold, red tune hubs are already in one of my wheelsets i thought of blue or pink, but decided to green. I know they don't match too well to black matt finish of frameset but it was my intention. Sometimes when i build bikes i use a rule that there must be one or two things completly not matching to the rest and for the most part these are cables cause it's easy and cheap to replace them. I just don't want all bikes i have too well matched, choice of colour of cables or saddle or hubs depends on many things in my case. It's not always rational. Some like it some not i don't care.

It was another bike i used to have by 5-6 weeks i wanted to keep it but i sold most of the parts from this in the end. It was light, stiff...hmmm and that's all. I missed sth i find in every of my Simplons, don't know what exactly it is, perhaps handling, geomtery or something else. I can't say, i take Pavo or Serum and just ride without changing my postion every 5km and i don't up to what's wrong. When i was on Evo i felt and saw i was slower than on Serum or Pavo until now i don't why. If Evo was my only bike it would stay with me but it was one of my three road bikes and difference in riding was just too big between Evo and Simplons. I tried to get used to it but couldn't luckily Simplon released new Pavo Ultra in the same weight what Evo and in geomtery that suits me perfectly so there is new bike coming but have to wait forthe frame that should arrive in February.

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by Reamens

99% perfect. Obstruction of the green color only :)
Light weight impressive!!!

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by Krull

if i understood right, you are going to sell the evo. thats a pity, because it looks absolutely fantastic.

may i ask: your evo is size 54, right? what size are your simplons?

best regards,
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by dereksmalls

This is a stunner! :thumbup: Looking at the xx-light-bikes.de site. There is pretty much nothing on there or is it just me?

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by kolarzyk

Don't ge me wrong, i don't think that Cannondale is shi** or sth like that i always wanted to have one. I got the Evo brand new in very attractive price but it was only availabe in 54size, i suspected it could be too small but i thought that it was only one size lower(i'm 182cm height, so practically i should fit in it) - nothing that can be corrected by stem and seatpost but i was wrong. I tried many ways to get the same position as on Simplons it was close but not close enough. My Serum is 55 and Pavo is 56 despite the 5mm difference in effective top tube length everything is perfect and feels the same on these two. I don't regret i sold the Evo, it's a really great frame as i mentioned earlier if it was my only bike it stil had been with me, it didn't work out for me but some say every cloud has a silver ligning . After all that adventure i'm waiting for Pavo Ultra and some other bits. Everything that should be ready for a ride in March next year at least. I'm going to build it under 5350gram and still full "raceable"

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by Krull

ah, thanks for info.

i would hazard, that you could be completely satisfied with a cannondale in size 56. it has nearly the same geometry as the simplon pavo in 56, the minimal-differences can be considered negligible.

but simplon pavo ultra is a nice bike as well, looking forward to a another great build. :)
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by bm0p700f

Where did you get the rims from?

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by BobSantini

I've read in a couple of places that the Evo feels slow when it is in fact veritably fast.
They attribute that sensation to the 'speed saver' tech. It sounds plausible to me :)
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by dellpan

Well Good luck kilometers, is very beautiful. :thumbup:
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by Weenie

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