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by Burgunder

Perhaps I should add that I bought a BKool and not the KK Road Machine or the Tacx Bushido.
There is some noise(most notable when going downhill) but I think it's great to be able to see your poweroutput and rpm on the screen and the heartrate when I get an ANT+ strap and it add diversity to the rather boring indoor riding that you can choose to ride different routes.

I have not yet tried the live videos because I have the basic subscription ATM but the trainer comes with 2 months of gold subscription and I will activate it in a forth night or so. When I get back from vacation and get some more training in.

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by tetonrider

Geoff wrote:If you want quiet, there is nothing more silent that the 1upUSA trainer:" onclick=";return false; it is good to over 1,000w and is the only product I will recommend.

I have to second this. I was going to respond with the 1up recommendation before I even saw Geoff's reply to the OP.

The 1up is quite quiet, has pretty good 'road feel' (for a trainer, so take that with a grain of salt), and has enough resistance to do workouts that involve z5, z6 work. Set up with a proper trainer tire and it is about as quiet as they come.

I live in a place with long winters (indoor riding is typically November through April) and got plenty of use from my 1up trainer. I more recently switched to the Inside Ride / E-motion rollers (coincidentally, 1up sells these, too, though they don't make them; the share a similar design aesthetic). They are significant because they have resistance, so it is the one set of rollers that I know of where I can get a great power-based workout.

I believe the 1up trainer is about the same noise-level as the Inside Ride rollers.

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by tetonrider

bricky21 wrote:
thisisnotaspoon wrote:
Kreitlers with a headwind fan provide more than enough resistance for anyone I've ever met. Please note that I have never met Chris Hoy, so no need to explain that the headwind fan may not cover his all out maximum sprint power. Hard intervals such as 30 second max as noted are difficult on rollers, but they're much easier if you have a free motion setup. Learning to ride hard on rollers will keep your bike riding sharper than spending the winter on a trainer imo.

As mentioned directly above, I use the Inside Ride / E-motion rollers. I do out-of-saddle efforts on them, as well as z5, z6 work. I tend not to do all-out sprint (8-12") efforts on them, but when I want to spice things up I will do very hard efforts. 700-800w is not inappropriate for them. One could probably do max (short)'s just that I happen not to work on that during the winter, not that I think the unit is not capable.

I notice that as good as the 1up trainer is, after many months of riding a trainer I lose some of the subtle motions required to control a bike. Takes a short while to re-learn this out on the ride, so not a huge deal. However, with the rollers I find there is no transition time...not even a minute.

Just some things to consider.

I still occasionally use the 1up for some very hard sessions on the TT bike (feel a little more comfortable redlined on the TT bike on the trainer vs rollers), and for race-day warm-ups.

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by Thirstyman

1up usa is quiet but I can not recommend as I also have the kurt kinetic which is only slightly loader and a much better trainer.

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by ms6073

Cant comment on the KK Road Machine but my Tacx Bushido and Vittoria Home Trainer Tire, is significanlty quieter than our Tacx Fortius and I would say that the 18" floor fan running in front of the bike makes much, much more noise than the Bushido.
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by Crampandgoslo

A friend of mine has the tacx, I have the Kurt Kinetic and have been happy with mine. I think the build quality on the KK is better. As far as noise, both are quiet, but I've never had both in the same room to compare. The KK's are going for a good price right now too.

also aren't the bushidos like $700 + a pop? forget that.

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by mentok

am i doing something wrong with my rollers? can absolutely put 1000watts through them, albeit at very high cadence.

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by kode54

Burgunder wrote:Is there anybody who can make a comparison between the KK Road mashine and the Tacx Bushido when it comes to noise? I'm trying to decide between these too, and right now I'm looking at the noise levels.

search on
he usually has several trainers reviewed…including the decibel levels of each.
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by NS

That new Elite Murin?? seems pretty quiet. Similar in concept to the lemond but without the noisy fan

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by bigben99

natefontaine wrote:I have a Minoura Action Mag roller with a magnetic resistance unit. I can confirm that 700+watt sprints (seated) for 30sec are possible... Also very low noise compared to other stationary trainers.

I agree with natefontaine i have Minoura Action Mag roller with a magnetic resistance unit and is the best

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by bombertodd

Maybe it's me but I've had the 1upUSA trainer and still have a pair of Kurt Kinetics and neither were quite. I had to turn my tv up to maximum levels to hear it while training.

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by dominikk

shotgun wrote:I just demo'd Elite Rollers with resistance last weekend. Whisper silent. LBS priced it at under US$500 here so I'd think it'll be a lot cheaper in Europe." onclick=";return false;

Does anyone have info how much power can you produce on Elite Arion Mag rollers?
Or on Elite Arion Mag digital?
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by Tomstr

Maybe this will help ... n+mag+watt

I've spent some time searching around and it seems that the Wahoo Kickr and Elite fluid trainers are the most silent. I'm nut much of an indoor trainer so the Kickr and expensive Elite drop off. You could get a Qubo Power Fluid, a Stages powermeter and a set of tyres for the price of one Kickr.

I'm planning to go the shop next week and try the difference in resistance and sound between the Qubo Power Fluid and the Turbo Muin. Once I get one I'll probably put a yogamat or something like that under it and place it on the concrete floor of the balcony. That should be silent enough. (I hope :))

Does anyone have tips on how to make trainers more silent?
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by dominikk

Yes, yes ... but I asked for info from "real world" not for ADV and PR articles.
tnx anyway. :)
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by skinnyrider

Elite fluid are really quiet, can vouch for that.

I run a lemond now though, pretty loud!

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