The Truth about Tri Bike gearing with Joanna Zeiger

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by HammerTime2

This is hilarious. Here's this tri-athlete coach incredulous about people not knowing what their easiest gear is (at 0:30), and at 7:15, "that's why it's really important to know your gearing". At 6:34, when talking about her own bike, "And then you know, in between, it goes maybe about 11, 12, 13, 15, I mean, I don't exactly know, but ...". She knows her easiest and hardest gear, but apparently not the ones in the middle.

by Weenie

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by Pharmstrong

They are a, special bunch.

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by hansonator69

Slam your stem.

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by sungod

i had a couple of weeks cycling holiday at the beginning of the month, on the last day, on a fast but quiet road through the volcanic wasteland, i passed a cyclist at the side of the road, so braked, did a u and went back to check they were ok

stranded triathlete, broken chain

ok, i've got a spare link, where's the chain? he took off his socks, must be a tri thing i thought, and went back to find the chain where it had dropped on the road

i gave him my disposable gloves, and took off the broken link with my multitool's chain tool as he didn't know how, i had a slight feeling of foreboding

then i held the bike so he could fit the chain, over the next minutes it became clear that he had no idea how to thread a chain through the front mech, let alone the rear, and seemed less mechanically minded than i'd anticipated, after a few goes, the chain was through the front mech, then the fun started, my instructions were getting increasingly monosyllabic and i wished i'd put the gloves on and done it all myelf...

it goes around like this [ i make an s-like finger motion showing the path ], no, no, see the tab, no not there, no, you need to get it this side of the tab, no the tab, this side, no not that side, can you see it, the tab, no this side, no not so much, no don't pull it all through, that's too much, no, look, you need to get it over the other wheel, no not that way, there, see, no see the other tab, the tab, this side of it, no not that side, this side, no it has to be on that wheel, it'll jam, no, yes, ok, see the tab, no over the wheel, look it goes like this, see, no not like that, through there, no, the tab, etc.

finally got the chain threaded and the kmc link slipped into place without fuss, he said thanks, i managed a smile and said maybe one day you can do me a favour, and he rode off leaving me to repack my pocket

maybe it got me a few good samaritan points, but next time i may just leave him for the lizards

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by Geoff

No, no. Don't do that. Somebody is going to need to buy his Zipp 808's for $500 on Craigslist next season when the new, faster decals come out...

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by shadwell

Was his saddle too high.
Also did he have calf compression on???

Sadly as you saved him it's now unlikely he'll take the initiative to get educated and prepared... No hum...

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by HillRPete

Cheers fellas, had a few good chuckles there.

Not to spoil the slag-off fest though, I'm also seeing lots of road cyclists here, who have a mobile as their only "tool".

by Weenie

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