aero (Foil) or not (SWorks SL4)

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by tetonrider

Because the foil (or any other aero bike, such as cervelo's aero offering) provides a harsh ride does not mean that the venge is harsh. I'm not saying they are harsh (though even non-aero Scott offerings have been reported as such to achieve their stiffness....addict, anyone?), merely that one does not necessarily follow from the other.

Just something to consider. You may not need to sacrifice ride quality for aero benefit.

I won't introduce any more bike models for your consideration as you asked a specific foil vs Tarmac question. I figured since your we're considering specialized you may be able to get a similar deal on a venge as a Tarmac...and sizing/ride properties are similar.

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by 53by11

So I stopped in to check in on delivery times for Spec and asked a few questions about the Venge. Basically dismissed it and went back to the SL4 almost instantly.

Pretty close to pulling the trigger on the SWorks/DA9000 and some handbuilt wheels...going to test ride a another Foil and place an order...

by Weenie

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by NealH

You can't go wrong with the SL4 or the Venge. If you tend to do more than your fair share of pulling on group rides, the Venge may be the better solution. Otherwise, the SL4 might be the better all around bike. I think its the best bike on the market - although its just my opinion. Equipped with 9000 it would certainly leave little to be desired in modern well executed race bike. My only comment is that something like the 9000 Shimano C24 or 35 wheels would be the better choice over handbuilts - at least imho.

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by mec287

Hi, Did your SL4 come with the Roval Fusee SLX wheelset, and if so what were your experiences of them? thanks. Martin
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by pawnii

I've had my Foil Premium for over 4000kms and am now considering 32mm tires and gel implants in my ass to soften the ride.

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by Grill

If it's a 54 then send it my way as I find my Foil 20 incredibly comfy regardless of terrain and distance.

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by steel515

We're not talking about Trek. Which are you talking about/
drewb wrote:I have a Foil and have never ridden a Venge, so am half qualified to have an opinion. I have also briefly ridden a 2013 7.9 Trek. The foil is now for sale and I have ordered the Trek.

If you buy into to aero advantage thing - and let's suppose we do, then do yourself a favour and try this thing. Riding the Trek is like riding a magic carpet over clouds compared to the ass slapping the Foil gives you over any imperfection.

Is it as stiff? Sure, I guess. As aero? No idea... But it would probably be close. As light? Lighter by all reports. As comfortable? Miles and miles ahead of the Scott.

I am 6'4 race B grade in Aus. Ride on flats fast, up hills slower, and ride anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours at a time.

If I were you I would at least consider investigating the Trek.

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