Wilier GT 2013 Hello from Perth Western Australia

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by chrisbalde

Just built my new bike up. Wilier Gran Turismo 2013 with SRAM red, FSA Plasma integrated handlebars and Vision wheels. It is like riding velvet.

Hello to all and I look forward to browsing the forums

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by istigatrice

:welcome: What does she weigh?
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by chrisbalde

Stand by.... it is a large frame.

Hold the phone on that and I shall find out.

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by kgt

Welcome! Nice Wilier. You may post it here as well:

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by Ozrider

Ozrider - Western Australia
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by chrisbalde

Bang on 8.0kgs.....a bit lighter than I thought it was going to be.

It's me who needs to trim up a little though

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by Valbrona

That saddle points down a lot. You must have knackers the size of a sheeps'. Either that or this is your first ever road bike and you don't know much about positioning.

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by Imaking20

Or he's running a massive drop and values his genitals.

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by g_doraz

...Or both.

Either way, great looking ride, and great to have another Perth local on here. Do you get out on any of the local rides?
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by chrisbalde

Thanks guys, I get out on for morning group rides with CRT from Brew Ha in Subiaco and have started with Access Unlimited who are great as well.

In terms of bike positioning I can assure you that I have had plenty of exposure. As this is a new set up it will take some time to make some finer adjustments over time. Having a lot of time in the saddle for Ironman events I find I like a more aggressive position on the bike. To maintain this position over 90+ kms the downward tilt on the saddle aids in releasing pressure. If you like numb nuts then by all means throw a spririt level over the saddle.

Previously the SMP saddle I was using was great and I wouldnt adopt such an angle using this saddle. However, I wanted to give this new saddle a go and with the position I have at the moment.... does not correspond to keeping it flat. I am certainly open to suggestions though!

I have to say that this bike is so nice to ride.... so so nice. It has been great perusing the photos on this thread. Such a sexy bike the Wilier. I feel sorry for the Lampre riders!

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by chrisbalde

Hey g_doraz ... where and who do you ride with? I am in the North Perth area and now I am doing a regular Mon - Fri looking for some more groups to ride with.

Have a great weekend

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by dellpan

It is wonderful, very beautiful. :)
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by Juanmoretime

Another welcome :welcome: from up and above. A very fine looking bike. You mentioned it was a new build any upgrades in mind down the road?

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by chrisbalde

Cheers guys. Put a few kilometers into her on the weekend, having tuned a few little creaks out she is on silent running. Simply a pleasure to ride.

In terms of upgrades :noidea: I openned my wallet and a moth flew out. I have invested everything I was allowed to spend so far. She weighs 8.0Kgs so may look how I can trim her down. But as I mentioned, it is me that needs the trimming down before I spend anything more on the bike. I will be looking at some cycling shoes first. The Focus bottle cages were from my previous bike so they will be the first things to be replaced.

I find myself day dreaming on the next opportunity I will get to ride. (this afternoon :D )

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by bobbyOCR

Another Perthian! :thumbup:

I like it. Not enough Wiliers on the roads. This definitely looks like it was built to be ridden.
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