Anyone have experience with the Litespeed L1R

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by ajrenner

The snob in me hates it, but I sorta think this frame looks great. Anyone have any actual experience with it? Ride? Durability? I haven't found much of any reviews out there yet...


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by PoorCyclist

it should be a great bike..
I don't have experience but it seems to have 1 crankset choice from FSA only and that certainly stopped me from considering it.

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by jhenderson

I have one of these on order and I should be getting it in the next week or so. I can let you know what I think.

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by 53x12

"Marginal gains are the only gains when all that's left to gain is in the margins."

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by jhenderson

My frame came in and I absolutely love it. It's one of the best frames I've ever ridden.

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by JAX11

Got some in the local LBS. though they were awesome till I realized that the rear dropouts are horrible. You have just about got to take the whole skewer off to remove the rear wheel. Good luck in a road race if you flat.

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by uncle-gee

Good luck in a road race if you flat.

Why? When you flat in a race you are pretty sure to get a DNF anyway... :roll:... or get to the finish 4min after the pack...

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by dgearhart

Just thought I'd add two cents. I swap back and forth on the rear wheel all the time with no issues. Dropouts seem the same as my prior bike Tarmac Sworks SL3. However, this frame is much faster due to power transfer from BB386.

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dgearhart, have you done much field testing on your assertion that the frame is faster?

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by dgearhart

I did a little testing. I swapped over same DA 7900 components and same 2012 Powertap perfectly calibrated and zero'd. The L1R produced an average 20 min peak power of 361 watts average compared to previous 20 min peak power averages ranging 330 - 350 watts average for typical tests on that same closed road in prior two months of testing. It could have been an anomaly, but not likely since the sensation was felt and similar results were observed on other rides. My guess is that the BB386 and 60 ton carbon on the Litespeed L1R creates a stiffer power transfer than my prior 2011 Specialized Tarmac Sworks SL3 that used 46 ton carbon and a BB30.

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Mario Jr.
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by Mario Jr.

:roll: No way ANY frames can differ by 10 watts....

Also, the difference in 45 and 60 ton carbon is in practice very, very little. No frame is build by either, as they are much too brittle to build practical frames of. The manufacturers only use it as reinforcements in strategic places.

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by roadhog44

I like it, looks good value and thats a LAAAARGE BB!!

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