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by Greg66

Hincapie wrote:I was half-assedly fitted to my new Cervelo R3. With my lack of road bike knowledge, I was persuaded by the salesman to go with the size 54, but I am now so stretched out, I feel like I'm riding Graeme O'bree's superman position. I'm feeling a lot of back and neck pain if I ride on the hoods, so I've resorted to riding mostly on the bar tops.

The thing is I have really long legs and a short torso. I'm considering changing frame size but I'm not sure if the next size down 51 will be okay or if I should try and make a size 48 fit. The top tube of the 48 seems to be right on, however, I'm a little concerned about potential saddle and head tube height issues. I know this size was intended for much shorter people.

My measurements and fit according to the Competitive Cyclist calculator are as follows:

By the way, I'm not keen on really short stems due to the nervous/twitchy ride and I'm above average in flexibility, just short in the top half! I'm riding with the stem slammed on the size 54, and I feel like I could go lower if I had to, but I don't want to sacrifice too much comfort. My saddle height is 75cm with about 6cm of setback. I think I need at least this much setback due to my long femurs; so simply changing to a straight post in place of my Dorico will probably not improve things.

I find this all rather perplexing.

My inseam is 1cm longer than yours; my saddle height is 1cm higher. My legs at 48.5% of my height (vs your 49.1%).

I ride an R3SL, with a 6 degree 11cm stem sitting on a 15mm FSA volcano cone and no spacers. Campy hoods continue a horizontal line off the bars until you hit the thumb rest. The frame's a 56cm.

I struggle to see how you could be stretched out like Obree on a 54cm. FWIW, I've managed to get my daughter - who is just 151cm and has a >49% inseam - on a 48cm Soloist. Congrats indeed if you can get on a 48cm frame!

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by Ghost234

I have the EXACT same inseam, and I'm 1cm taller. I ride a 54cm Cervelo with zero complaints. It fits me like a glove. If you were a customer at my shop, I would have fit you onto a 54cm.

My assumption is that this is the OP's first road bike, and coming from a hybrid or a MTB, it will take some getting used to. He is not used to being in a more forward road position, and as such he is seeking a way to be more upright.

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