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by billysan

Nice job 252002, a well executed build!

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by btompkins0112

I agree with matching stem, bars and seatpost.....optionally you can de-label everything.

by Weenie

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by dog

What are you showing us, the scenery or the bike?
Go to be blunt, that looks quite boring. Maybe it's because the picture emphasises the scenery. Sorry.
The scenery looks far more interesting -- warm weather in November :(

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by 252002

Sorry I didn’t realize this was a photography site. Yesterday afternoon I was out riding with my son, he wanted to go down the street and feed the ducks. We did and I leaned my bike up against the tree instead of laying it down. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and snapped a few.

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by WileEcoyote

I quite liked the photo. Better than the standard bike against a wall shot.

The bike is quite nice as well.

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by Calnago

@252002: Nice job on the bike. Great pic and I especially enjoyed the blurb on taking your son down to the lake to feed the ducks. It's really not all about the bike... well, ok it really is :). But I do like that you stopped at the lake to enjoy it for a bit.
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by dog

Calnago wrote:@252002: Nice job on the bike. Great pic and I especially enjoyed the blurb on taking your son down to the lake to feed the ducks. It's really not all about the bike... well, ok it really is :). But I do like that you stopped at the lake to enjoy it for a bit.

Forgive me..
What is the value behind such a post? You're commenting on another's post with an even longer post on an off-topic subject, for what reason? He was making anecdotal remarks, fine, leave it at that.

The forum is 95% chaff, 5% content.

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by prendrefeu

Then leave, dog. No one is forcing you to participate here.
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by AGW

I agree, let's stay on topic.

252002, were you able to weigh one of the ducks (preferably before AND after feeding)?

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by vrqNate

Here is my "on the cheap" project to lighten up my bike. It's mix and matched from parts picked up on flea bay and friends.



Frame: 2002 Cannondale CAAD 5, which I bought new back in the day.
Fork: Chris K Cycles, $50 off ebay for 370g, all carbon
Crank: SRAM Red with ceramic bb
Rear Der: SRAM Force
Front Der: SRAM Red (these are easy to find for not much $)
Shifters: SRAM Force
Cassette: Tiagra 4600 12-28, an 80g penalty, but I like to go cheap on replaceable parts.
Chain: no-name 10sp, not even sure.
Brakes: Zero Gravity Ti
Bars & Stem, nothing special, FSA Compact.
Post: Bontrager XXX Light
Saddle: Neuvation S10

Overall, it comes to 7552 which isn't bad for a 10 year old bike. It was a fun project.

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by AttacknowAttackoften

Just got my new C10-1 Saturday night. I named her The Black Widow, and here are the specs:

Size 56 Cannondale Caad10 Ultimate, Di2 edition. The frame is anodized to be 1/2 lb. lighter and there are no cable stops so that the frame can't be retrofitted with cables. Still, I've managed to let it match my off-season weight at an off-season 18 lbs., currently.

Current specs:

Zipp Short n' Shallow ergo bars, Service Course
Thomson X4, 120mm 0* rise/drop
Thomson Elite Seatpost, 330 (unnecessary)
SLAM THAT STEM black cap
SRAM S975 Quarq
SS Speedplays
Prologo Scratch Pro Nack
Fizik bartape
Custom Pro-Mount
Garmin 705

Future upgrades, either waiting until February, just before the season, to be mounted or in the works:

Thomson stem, 120mm -10* drop
Thomson Masterpiece seatpost, 240
Cut steerer tube
3x5mm Green FSA plastic spacers, to match team kit
Race wheelset - unsure of what it will be at this point
Lighter brakes - still haven't decided
King Cages - Ti
Garmin 800
K-Edge blacked out mount

Here is my training partner and wrench building her:

Here she is, taken home, pre-seatpost cut and spacers changed out:

And on The Black Widow's maiden voyage:

Additionally, I currently have a Klean Kanten thermos on there because every ride below 50* is more enjoyable with a thermos of hot cocoa :D

Here's my review I posted on it looks like they're not posting it...

"Product: CAAD10 BLACK INC.
Submitted at: Cannondale
by The Black Widow from Teaneck, NJ on 11/18/2012

Well Built Quality, Attractive Design, Fear-inducing, Comfortable, Lightweight, Stable, Easy Assembly, Fast, Attractive, Radicle, Responsive, Vertically Compliant, Handles Well, Easy to Configure and Adjust, Fun to ride, Bodacious, Lust-inducing, Great Components, Fantastic Geometry, Stylish

Best Uses:
To Induce Fear And Envy, Commuting, Road Biking, Racing

Describe Yourself:
Competitive Cyclist

Was this a gift?:

I stared at the Black Widow as the sun was rising somewhere off in the distance. I eyeballed the gold accents on the matte black paint job as I ran my fingers along the sleek lines. I shifted to the big ring and then back to the little ring - just to hear the mechanical whirring of the Ultegra Di2 in action. Touching my new ride, looking at the beast...even TALKING about her got my heart racing. This was 12 hours after I picked her up.

30 minutes later, we were on the road riding to the ride 18 miles away. We had a century planned for today and I couldn't wait to test out my legs on The Black Widow. I was careful not to lay down too much torque as I didn't want the Duramo S's slipping out from the oil that sometimes accumulates on the surface of new tires. So instead, I decided to test The Widow's sturdiness. I sat up. At 15 mph, not so much as a wobble. I could tell this was going to be a good day.

We met up with the others and embarked on our ride. I glided along easily, never more than one or two mechanically-efficient and musically-pleasing shifts away from the perfect gearing ratio. Folks, I caution you. This bike is not for the faint of heart. This race-machine is not for those looking to remain at their current speed and/or fitness level. This thoroughbred is CERTAINLY not for those who are content with where they are in life. If, however, you fall into the small group of extraordinary cyclists, cyclists whose goals include winning, getting stronger, snagging KOM's, looking fresh-to-death and of course, being good fathers, husbands and sons...then this bike is for you. It will elevate your riding to the next level. It will strike a chord deep inside you upsetting all you know, aiding your metamorphosis into the man you know you want to be. The man you know you should be. The man you've been looking for an excuse to become. It transformed me.

After 6,500 feet of climbing, I decided to cut the ride short. The Black Widow's maiden voyage was planned to be a century+some - that is, 110 miles or so. Unfortunately, the shorter winter days have done quite a number on my desire to be on my bike. Until today. That means that my base mileage isn't what it once August or September. With aching shoulders and screaming legs, I pulled off and rode a measly 88.5 miles, collapsing at home with a double cheeseburger.

To top it all off, I was wearing my team bibs which, on any ride lasting longer than 3.5 hours (or 4 hours, on a good day), leave nasty saddle sores DESPITE the most generous application of chamois cream from the leading manufacturers. In truth, I would lather up as if I were a bodybuilder preparing for his word-championships appearance - my taint would glisten in the sun, if it were exposed. Therefore, I fear I will not be riding The Black Widow tomorrow, but will have to wait until Tuesday to put in my next 5 hours.

I will leave you with a quote from the Hell of the East as a reminder that regardless of how dope your bike is, how incredibly fast it wants to be ridden or how breathtaking of a view it is sitting on your bed, we are all limited by our own choices. On Assos, his thoughts are:

"A superb saddle is nothing without a superb pad in your bibs.""
I only train on days that end with "y".


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by nathanong87

new bar tape for offseason and ct2 stronglights (instead of red black edition rings)


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by mearkb

cmdr199212 wrote:Hmmm can you not find a shimano freehub body? I had a set of corima rims build onto american classic hubs, and it had a campy freehub but came with a shimano, switching out was farily easy

I tried one, it turns out that the wheels were laced to hubs which changed the following year to a slightly larger axle size... the search continues!

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by AllAboutTheEngine

Love the orange CAAD

by Weenie

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by kgt


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