AICAN superlight cable system

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by kulivontot

I did a full install last weekend, shaved about 90 grams from Mu shimano cables and housing. Install was pretty uneventful aside from the fact that I really wasn't sure which ferrules to use where, etc. it shifts/brakes no better or worse than the stock cables. The only thing that concerns me is bumping the housing out of place slightly, as the shape of the housing is maintained solely by tension on the cable. I had plenty left over from the install to maybe do 1 cable on another bike. Be careful not to lose the tiny lining in between links, as it's not really secured in any way.

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by mgrennie

I only did brake per the thread title, but with included cables and mini i-links, lost 80g over my Yokozuna and SRAM cables.

Performance has been excellent. Everything is super smooth with almost no drag.

I am having a hard time deciding what to do with my wife's bike. She may get a full set, but she only cares if it works or not. Hate to spend more money than I have to, but these seem to work very well...

by Weenie

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by lechat

Was browsing eBay USA and came across some Aican Ultralight cable sets. Not quite as light as the Superlights, but an attractive option for the budget minded. $69 shipped for both brake/shift kits.

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by austke

Thx for the replies/tips. Cant wait to get em and put them on.

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by photonphyler

Heres my solution to the power cordz compatability w/ Aican brake housing. I shimmed a 1.5mm shifter cord with a alligator mini link at the shift/ brake lever and tied off the pwr.cordz at the original Ax Orion 3000 brake binder. Works great not to spongy w/lighter gauge cables & no cable slippage after more than 200mi. The best of both worlds and WW also.
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by dereksmalls

Cool, but you could have put this in the AICAN thread

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by NiFTY

Nice job. What is poking out of your levers - the red thingy?
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by theremery

That's the end of the CORDz. A potential solution requiring a less visually odd look would be to mill a donut of alu that scales the end of the shifter cord up to the size of a brake one and mount it inside, normally. Did you do any research on the difference in strength between the 2 types of cordz?
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by BobSantini

You say 1.5 shifter cord. Should that be 1.2. P'cordz site says 1.2 for shifters.

Just checked. P'cordz offered on their site are 1.7 for brakes and 1.2 for shifters so shifter cable has literally 1/2 the strength and twice the stretch of brake cable.
I don't know if that's significant but it should be of concern.
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by photonphyler

The red cable nipple & alligator mini link are only exsposed before setup to show the process. They are concealed inside lever after installation no need to mill cable nipple. The 1.5mm pwr cordz are no longer made. Fairwheels has a few nos on closeout. I'm not really shure of exact strength differance between 1.7mm & 1.5mm. I'll leave that for the engineer type's to debate but as stated before lever feel is not spongy at all and brakeing is actually quite good. PP

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by BobSantini

about 78% :)
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by 1415chris

Can we have close up pictures?
Have you had a chance to put the Aican/PC on the scale?

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by photonphyler

-Frt cord & housing 8grams saved 2.3g
- Rear cord &housing 14.5g saved 5.1g
-total cordz & housing 22.5g
- rear cable only trimmed to length 3.1g w/mini i link shim saved .4g
-frt cable 1.7g (no savings w/ shim)
- 54cm tt 11cm stem 40 cm bars c-c .
Total weight savings are over std. Alligator I links & std pwr cordz for brakes 7.8g total.
Sorry no more photos for now.

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by Bianchi10

I'm not an extreme weight wennie but I do what i can and can afford to drop weight. what did you do for your hoods??

by Weenie

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by artray

Is that a photon ? if it is , how do the AX forks ride ?
I have a Photon with Enve 1's
Like to see a photo .

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