Which Lightweights?

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Which Lightweights?

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Hi there

I'm in the market for a set of Lightweight wheels, having finally got a crank mounted power meter.

I'm going to go tubular for this set of wheels, and am interested in any opinions on whether to go Meilenstein or Obermayer? I know the Obermayers are slightly lighter (and I know we're on Weight Weenies) and more expensive but are there other benefits or otherwise of one over the other?

They'll be used for a wide range of (dry day riding) from climbing in the Alps and Pyrenees to multi-day 100mile Sportives (Fondos).

Advice welcome!

Thanks, FJ
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by sedluk

I would consider the Obermayer wheels more than slightly lighter. Something like 975 vs. 1100 grams.

I own both and they ride very similar, the Obermayer wheels do have a little bit more flex. I think it really depends on your weight. If you weigh over 180 lbs then you are less likely to really notice the 125 grams weight savings and you will appreciate the slightly stiffer Meilenstein. If you weigh less than 170 lbs then you really start to appreciate the Obermayer.

The only other thing to consider is price. The Obermayer is a fair amount more expensive. If you are not that price sensitive I think it is a pretty easy choice going with the Obermayer. If you are more price sensitive then the Meilenstein is more wheel for the money.

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by sungod

i got the obermayers a few months ago (16 spoke front), they're excellent, mine came in at 964g excl. skewers

i'm aroung 76kg, don't notice any flex when out of the saddle, stable in fast corners

handling in strong crosswind is the only downside, but it's better than the mavic cc slr i think

btw if you are in the eu but not eurozone, it's worth checking pricing in other countries, i got mine from a german authorized dealer, service was excellent and it saved a few hundred pounds which more than covered the cost of the serviceup extended warranty/accidental damage cover

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by audiophilitis

Contemplating on a set as well and leaning more towards the Obermeyers. Have you considered a combo set -- i.e., Gipfelsturm fronts and Obermeyer rears?

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by SpinnerTim

Gipfelsturm (nee Ventoux). Crosswind stability and lightness in one wheel. If you're going up a big mountain, you'll be descending the other side. Any deep wheel is going to be a handful in a crosswind, and 60+kph mountain descents compound the problem exponentially.

I feel this is the most versatile wheel Carbonsports makes.


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You see, now you are ADDING confusion!

I weigh 82kg at my heaviest (now!), so think I'll just be ok weight-wise on Obermayers. The Gipfelsturm seem a really great wheel, but with a set of everyday R-SYS if it is windy, I think I'm looking at a deep section set of wheels in this case, though the mix ober/gipf combo is an interesting idea.

More debating to be had, I think.

Thanks Sungod, I'm looking at buying them in Germany as we speak.

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by konky

What I like about the Gen IV Meilenstein is it's a

durable everyday wheelset
it's quite high profile (47.5mm) so aero
possibly the stiffest wheelset available on the market (that's the Gen IV model)
at 1100g still fairly light

I.e. a brilliant allrounder

The Gen III Obermayer may not be an everyday wheel or as stiff. Even if price isn't an issue I think 130g isn't worth the compromise.
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by HammerTime2

FHKJ wrote:I weigh 82kg at my heaviest (now!), so think I'll just be ok weight-wise on Obermayers.
The maximum system weight for Obermayers is 90 kg http://lightweight.info/ca/en/meilenstein . That is rider + bicycle + luggage. I.e., what you weigh at the time of the ride (not at the time of your lowest weight of the day), with your bicycle, including wheels, (full) water bottles, tools/miscellaneous, clothes, helmet, shoes, etc. This could easily push you some kilograms over 90. The Meilenstein 16/20 has a maximum system weight of 100 kg, which gives you "room" to spare.

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