Pro-Light Cuneo womans build

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by dereksmalls

It looks really good but that is a massive spacer stack! Do the bars really need to be level with the saddle for her?

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by welkman

She has tiny arms and for some reason I got a 90mm stem, I am going to get the 70mm and loose some of the spacers. I am trying to get her to ride on the hoods, she seems to like to stay as upright as possible but that might change on this bike. Women are built a bit different to men and I couldnt justify the price of a top end 'female' spec bike. This geo is quite similar to the ladies CAAD10 or EVO.

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by otveit

I recently built up a Cuneo with mix of campa components, size 56.5. Thought it would be ok to post this here in the spirit of colour matching.

Pro Lite Bracciano wheels (wich are good value and look good imo) china fork and seatpost, stripped carbon flite saddle, planet x stem and handlebars. I did not like the paint scheme, and having some time waiting for components to arrive i repainted it. Graphite grey with a manly accent of telemagenta (or pink as most would say). I really love the ride, and currently spend lots of time cursing my impending exams and bad weather (what was I expecting in Norway in november).


more pics: none of the biomechanical tuning is done in these pics. and the pedals are very temporary!

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by artray

goooey pads .... ... 51a2756f89

These work really really well pads I have used and cheap price as well .
nice job . :thumbup:

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by welkman

nice I will try them on my CAAD!

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