Using stem as cable stop to allow slammed stem

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by nathanong87

yea just drill it. looks cool


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by Rich_W


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by mtbstuff

We used to have to before cable hangers were widely available. I never had a problem on the half dozen I did.

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by deltree

Jesus. When I saw that drilled PRO I literally went :shock:

Drill all the stems! How much is a WCS these days anyway?

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by Chris_W

Or maybe you could use some Nokon housing to make the bend work without having crappy lever feel.

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by Stolichnaya

If you have a spare couple of milimeters, Humble Frameworks has made some hangers that are ultra thin when mounted under the stem.
There are some pics on the site of one of their CX bikes, a green one, with such a hanger - give it a search.
Note: I asked them twice for one of these hangers and never got a commitment... so I switched to mini-v's (sadly).

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