Head angles and steering?

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by BobSantini

I've always ridden bikes with head angles at or near 73°. My latest was 72.8° with a 43mm fork offset giving c 58 trail. That was sweet.
Now I'm thinking of going to a smaller frame with a head angle of 71.5° with 45 offset giving a trail of 64mm.
I'm wondering what to expect with respect to steering. I guess it will be noticeably different maybe a bit slower at dodging around holes in the road but idk.
Can anyone offer any enlightening observations?
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by shinyboy

Steering will be slower
What about trying a fork with 50mm offset?

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by djconnel

I have two bikes, one of each type. I honestly don't know which I prefer. For sweeping descents with predictable lines, I sort of like the auto-steering effect of long trail. But when I need to change lines, it requires more countersteer, which I don't like. For climbing, either is fine, just different. In one case I can snap the bike around more, in the other it's more of a stable platform against which I push.

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by Wingnut

BobSantini wrote:head angle of 71.5° with 45 offset giving a trail of 64mm.

Might be a possibility of some wheel flop?
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by DaveS

LOOK uses a 72 degree HTA with 43mm of offset to produce the same 64mm of trail on 51cm frames. It handles fine. There will be no wheel flop.

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by elviento

Slower, but flop is pretty small so not very noticeable.

Notice, many things affect handling a lot, such as rim profile, cable routing and tightness, stem length, weight distribution, etc., so they all play into the total result.
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by Rick

LOOK uses a 72 degree HTA with 43mm of offset

72°, 43 mm is my favorite. I have a Look KG76, and some prior bikes with that combibation. It just seems "right". I also have other bikes with different combinations that all seem a little quirky somehow.

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