My third Venge... and my Epic Evo R 29er.

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by kakanpolen2

This is my new S-Works Venge Quickstep with Dura-Ace 9000 and Zipp 303 tubulars.

Epic Evo R. XT brake and shifter... XTR Rearmech and Roval Control SL wheels.
venge 1.jpg
venge 2.jpg

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by djconnel

The Venge is the fastest looking bike out there, and I like the paint job on yours. It simply looks like it wants to move forward. But why 3?

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by nathanong87

Holy seatpost height on venge!

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by NWSAlpine

Venge looks great. What size is it? 58?

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by Monkeyboy3333

well jel on the venge, well jel!

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by jamesfifield

What saddle is that?
And kudos on the drop, that is a LOT!

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by Arnoud

Why only 303's?

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by RichTheRoadie

jamesfifield wrote:What saddle is that?

Spesh Chicane.

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by kakanpolen2

Its my third because i work in a bikeshop and my bikes is always for sale.

Its a 58. Im 189cm tall with long arms and legs... So the saddle height is high but the drop is not that extreme... The pics are angles är folling u :)

Saddle is not cicane... Its a specialized romin evo pro.

303 because i think they run smooter than 404. Smooter is faster ;)

Thanks for the comments!

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